Biozone Ionizer
Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaners

The Biozone ionizer ultraviolet light air cleaners is an effective odor eliminator,
and it destroys bacteria, viruses, toxic mold, tobacco smoke, chlorine,  heavy metals and
hazardous fumes. These air purifiers are ideal  sanitizers and odor control for home, office,
restaurants, bars, meeting rooms, food storage units, cars and RVs. 

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Biozone Ionizer Air Cleaners with Ultraviolet Light

Combining two powerful purification technologies--photoplasma and photochemistry--the scientifically advanced Biozone PureWave™ ionizer process delivers a double shot to destroy and remove allergens, noxious odors, toxic compounds, black mold and hazardous gases from air, surfaces and water in your home, your vehicle, your food storage unit or your place of business.

First, in the Purification Chamber, the unique PureWave™ process uses high-intensity ultraviolet light to set off a chemical reaction that effectively destroys organic compounds like dander, dust mites, toxic mold, mildew, smoke, bacteria viruses, cysts and fungi.For odor control and air purification, Biozone offers state-of-the-art ionizers and uv light sanitizers

"We have checked several homes for airborne mold and after running Biozone units for just 24 hours, the mold count is dramatically reduced"

--Quincy Carvel
Environmental Technologies


Biozone ozone ionizer air purifier and ultraviolet light water filters are odor eliminators, destroying bacteria, toxic mold, tobacco smoke, chlorine.

"I have been most pleased with results generated by the Biozone units. In fact, I prescribe them to my patients as part of the environmental improvements needed to control allergy and asthma symptoms."

--Kimberly Crawford, MD

The photoionic ionizer accelerator continuously breaks down and oxidizes particles like dust and takes smoke away--with no filters to clean or change!

These potent ultraviolet wavelengths also initiate the formation of a cold plasma--an aggressive and highly reactive gaseous state that acts as a second defense, ensuring pure, clean and fresh-smelling air in your home, office, vehicle or refrigerator.

And air contaminants do not have to pass through the unit for purification. Powerful purifying agents are circulated throughout the room, seeking out and destroying pollutants and neutralizing odors--protecting you, your family, customers and employees from the toxic effects of indoor air pollution.



Commercial Air filters and home air filters using ultaviolet light to eliminate allergens, mold, mildew, odors, tobacco smoke and volatile organic compounds

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