SMOKEMASTER Electronic Air Cleaners 

Developed from industrial-grade air-cleaning technologies, 
electronic air cleaners are optimal for tobacco smoke, small and very small particulate.


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Air Quality Engineering C-12 Electronic Air Cleaner

The C-12 can be hung from ceiling joists and simply plugged into a nearby outlet.


The SMOKEMASTER line of commercial air cleaners are self-contained electronic air cleaners ideal for bars, restaurants, bingo halls or any other facility where cigarette smoke is a concern. 

Developed from industrial-grade air cleaning technology, two-stage electronic air cleaners place a positive charge on the smoke particles as they enter the electronic cell. The charged particles then pass through the alternately charged washable metal plates in the collector section. 

The negatively charged plates attract smoke particles just like a magnet (negative plates attract positive smoke particles). With no filters to replace, maintenance is limited to just washing the electronic cells. And, electronic air cleaners are the most energy efficient; check the specs!  

All SMOKEMASTER models feature the unique four-way Coanda airflow method of air recirculation. With the Coanda air pattern, dirty air is drawn into the SMOKEMASTER from the bottom, and clean air is recirculated in four directions, for thorough and immediate results. 

Coanda four-way
air recirculation


Air Quality Engineering X-11Q Electronic Air Cleaner

Flush-mounted air cleaners drop into ceilings and are virtually unnoticeable. No ductwork required.

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