Commercial Media Air Cleaners

Commercial Media Air Cleaners are high-efficiency air cleaning systems using HEPA-Type filters, 
carbon filters, and more for elimination of very fine particulates, including pollen, 
mold spores, dust, dander and smoke.


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Media Air Purification for indoor air pollution


Ambient Air 2000C         self-contained media air cleaners for eliminating dust, fumes, smoke and other background airborne particulate contaminants

These commercial free-hanging, self-contained air cleaners offer two-stage media filtration of dust, smoke, fumes, soot and other background airborne particulate contaminants

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Smokemastercommercial media air cleaners for elimination of pollen, smoke, dander, black mold and odor.
Air Cleaners

A self-contained media air purifier for elimination of smoke, dust  and soot--with an optional 2-inch carbon filter for effective odor elimination.

for light-duty applications such as sanding, buffing, welding or automotive refinishing.

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ADC-1000 air cleaners with carbon filters, ultraviolet light and ozone for filtration of dander and allergens

This high-efficiency commercial air cleaner is a Three-stage air cleaning system designed to eliminate smoke, pollen, mold spores, dust and odors.

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Everclear &commercial media air cleaners for elimination of pollen, smoke, dander, black mold and odor.
CM-12 HEPA-Type

These self-contained HEPA-type air cleaners. ofer comprehensive, state-of-the-art filtration systems to remove dust, smoke, pollen and other particles using high efficiency disposable filters and the patented COANDA 4-way air recirculation. 

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carbon and HEPA filters for control of dust, smoke, pollen and odor.