HEPA Air Cleaners

High-efficiency HEPA air cleaners and UV germicidal filtration for contamination control
and mold remediation in isolation rooms and other medical settings where
indoor air pollution control and sanitizing are essential.

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HEPA filtration hepa air cleaners with ultra-violet (UV) filtration for elimination of biohazards--bacteria and viruses like SARS

When clean air is critical, our full line of high-efficiency HEPA air cleaners with optional ultra-violet (UV) germicidal filtration are the ideal solution. In the presence of biohazards like SARS, contamination control is essential. 

Our portable and stationary micro-decontamination units offer high-volume air filtration for reducing microbial contamination, while trapping and killing dangerous microorganisms.

Contamination Control UnitsHEPA air cleaners for contamination control and mold remediation in isolation rooms
Unique systems providing HEPA filtration with UV germicidal irradiation  effectively accelerating the air exchange rate within a biohazardous area.

Airborne bacteria and viruses are disinfected, and positive or negative pressure zones prevent contamination from entering a "clean" environment.

Ideal for isolation rooms or any area where clean air is critical.

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portable contamination control hepa air cleaners for construction environmentsPortable Units
Developed to handle the rigorous demands of micro-decontamination operations where reliable high-volume air filtration is essential to safety and productivity.

Suitable for construction environments, pharmaceutical industries, film processing plants, hospitals, laboratories, restaurants, bars and more.

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safety enclosures using HEPA air cleaners and UV filtration

Safety Enclosures
Protect the breathing zone of personnel
by preventing airborne contaminants from
escaping into a room.

Designed for use with our contamination
control units, these are compact, portable
and completely self-contained.

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