Manual and Semi-Automatic Centrifuges 
by MonlanGroup

Offering the benefits of centrifugal separation with the advantage of easy cleanup and maintenance.

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MonlanGroup Manual Centrifuge
Easily removable bowl for simple cleanup and maintenance.

TSK Centrifuge

The manual Centrifuge offers the benefits of centrifugal separation with the advantage of an easily removable bowl for simple cleanup and maintenance. 

No special pumps are required for feed or discharge. 

Suitable for filtering oils or water based coolant, can filter ferrous or non ferrous materials. No consumable media is required. 

Available as a stand alone unit, or can be incorporated into a customized filtration system.


   Production Grinding
   Vibratory Deburring
   Wire Drawing
   Waste Treatment
   Pre Treatment for Membrane Streams
   Phosphatizing Baths
   Oil Recycling


Typical applications are coolant and washwater clarification, ceramic grinding and washing, glass grinding, wire drawing, vibratory deburring/tumbling and paint booth water. 

Automatic discharge models are available.
Monlan Group Manual and Semi-Automatic Centrifuge System

MonlanGroup semi-automatic centrifuge


Longer tool life
Better surface finish 
Reduced machine downtime
Reduced waste disposal

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