Free Hanging Dust Collectors

" Developed for applications requiring ambient dust collection,
AmbientAer™ 2000 units are two-stage, media-type dust and fume collectors.

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Choose an AmbientAer™ 2000 when applications limit the use of source-capture arms and ductwork.

AmbientAer™ 2000

Choose an AmbientAer™ 2000 unit when you need an economical, free-hanging system or when applications limit the use of source-capture arms or ductwork. 

A direct-drive centrifugal blower draws polluted air through a disposable multi-vee filter and then through a high efficiency, multi-pocket vee-bag filter.

A unique hanger rod supports the vee-bag loops. The rod support system eliminates bunching, so maximum filter area is utilized.

The multi-pocket vee-bag filter traps fine particulate that passes through the initial filters. Clean air passes through the back of the unit via four-way adjustable vanes.

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To remove large particles like wood and grinding dusts, use the optional high-capacity prefilter. The three-sided, cleanable, wrap around, high-capacity prefilter extends the life of the disposable filters.

AmbientAer™ 2000 units are ideal for:

  • sanding and grinding applications
  • printing facilities
  • autobody shops
  • ceramic manufacturers
  • woodshops
  • schools
  • welding, fabricating, and machine shops

Constructed of 16-gauge steel, AmbientAer™ 2000 units withstand the demands of tough industrial environments. 

Units include a premium efficient, industrial-duty TEFC motor, 1 HP; voltage is 120/1/60, optional voltages are available. 

Operate the unit with the built-in ON/OFF service switch or use in conjunction with a wall switch or an optional motor starter. When you’re ready to change filters, it’s easy. 

Use the service switch to shut the unit off, open the hinged, side access door, remove hanger rod, pull off the front grill, and slide out the dirty filters. 

AmbientAer 2000 units offer two mounting options: hang from the ceiling or mount to a wall.

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