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DM 500

The DM 500 features cotton sateen filter bags and a dust drawer for capturing particulate.

Compact Dust Collectors
(500 to 3000 cfm)

Buffing, dry grinding, sanding, woodworking, and polishing operations produce dust and in some cases smoke, or fumes. 

Available in three series, Dust Collectors help control dust and smoke, recover valuable materials, cut in-plant maintenance costs, and reduce the need for plant make-up air.

The DM 500 Series

This compact, modular unit is an inexpensive solution to in-plant dust and smoke. 

Only 28" high, DM 500 units require minimum floor space. Its modular design allows the DM 500 to accept an optional carbon or HEPA filter module. 

The unique bag rack filter removes easily allowing quick replacement.

Standard features include a dust drawer, manual shaker arm, high efficiency filter bags, and sound attenuator. 

The DM 500 can include one 4" inlet for integration of a 4" arm. Options include an auto shaker system with timer or push-button auto shaker system, 110-volt assembly, caster dolly kit, and bin. Nominal CFM is 500. 


DM 1500

The DM 1500 with casters and source-capture arm

DM 1500 & DM 3000 Series
(1500 to 3000 cfm)

Designed to handle larger airflow requirements, the DM 1500 and DM 3000 have the same functions and features as the DM 500. 

Options include a bin, hopper, carbon or HEPA assembly, caster dolly kit, push button auto shaker system, and auto shaker system with timer. 

When fixed filtration can't meet your needs, a portable dust/smoke collector is available on the DM 500 and DM 1500 units. 

It's easy to operate!  Just move the unit directly to the source of the airborne contaminant and you're ready to clean the air.

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With over 20 years experience in dust collection
and air quality improvement , we'll build what you need!

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