Cyclone Dust Collectors

" A high efficiency cyclone type dust collector is your
best choice for collecting high volumes of particulate. "

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Cyclones operate well in applications generating heavy particulate.

Cyclone Type Dust Collectors
(300 to 13000 CFM)

High velocity cyclones collectors remove particulate from in-plant air efficiently and economically. 

Dirty air enters the Cyclone tangentially and centrifugal force moves the particulate against the cone wall, out of the airstream, to a storage unit. Clean air exhausts out of the Cyclone. 

Choose a Cyclone when collecting large particulate—use as a stand-alone collector or as a pre-filter to reduce the dirt loading on higher efficiency filter systems.

Designed specifically for harsh, industrial environments, cyclone separators operate in applications generating heavy particulate and high temperatures

This design integrates a helix into the inner cylinder. This design reduces inlet turbulence common with conventional cyclones and speeds the creation of the centrifugal airflow. Greater centrifugal airflow improves particle separation and increases collection efficiency.


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An after-filter increases the fines collection efficiency of a cyclone.

Manufactured of heavy-gauge metal
, cyclones have fully welded seams and joints. 

A high-efficiency, powerful direct-drive fan is positioned on the clean-air side of the Cyclone to reduce maintenance and energy costs. 

Cyclones are flexible and easy to use. Position the fan and outlet orientation in 45-degree increments and the base orientation in 90-degree increments. 

All of our cyclones come with an airtight drum arrangement and stand or cabinet base for easy particulate disposal or with an optional after-filter assembly to re-circulate air back into the plant. 

Available in airflow levels from 300 to 13000 CFM.

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