Modular Media Collectors

" Developed to collect and filter mist, smoke, dust, fumes, vapors, and odors, 
Modular MediaFilterô systems offer a variety of design layouts
and filter choices for both flexibility and expandability. "

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Modular MediaFilterô Systems
500 to 27,000 CFM

Grinding, wet machining, rubber machining, die casting, wet grinding, and soldering operations produce contaminants requiring different filtration media.

Whether you require an unducted, ducted, portable, horizontal or vertical configuration, we can design and supply a Modular MediaFilterô system to meet your needs.

Constructed in a 16-gauge steel cabinet, Modular MediaFilterô systems meet the demands of tough, industrial environments

Magnehelic gauges provide quick reference of filter loading to maximize filter collection efficiency while minimizing maintenance time.

Offered in three series, the FD, MD, and PDV Series have unique features to accommodate individual plant requirements. Standard motor choices range from 1 to 7-1/2 HP.

A ducted FD system with two source-capture points.


The FD Series

Designed to handle wet or dry applications and in either a vertical or horizontal configuration, the FD Series incorporates basic features with excellent performance. The FD Modular MediaFilterô system uses the building block approach in its construction. By simply combining specific filter modules, you control the cleaning of your plant air.

The MD Series

The MD Series builds on the proven strengths of the FD Series. We've taken the FD's basic features and incorporated premium components for a system that provides superior quality and performance.

Designed for wet applications and in a vertical orientation only, the MD units include a double-lip door with bubble-type gasket to prevent leakage and an internal secondary door to seal the first and second filter stages.

Other standard features include a hinged bag hanger for easy removal and installation of filters, "T" style door latches, and a panned, leak resistant inlet plenum. To meet changing operational needs, we supply MD units with belt-driven blowers. Just adjust the RPM to vary airflow levels.

A PDV unit is a good choice when you need a quiet, low profile unit to work on a single machine.

The PDV Series

Designed for wet applications and in a vertical orientation only, the PDV Series is a good choice when you need a quiet, low profile to work on a single machine.

Two models are available to accommodate space and CFM requirements.

If you need a compact unit to run 24 hours a day, then choose Model PDV 20 (up to 600 CFM) and if longer maintenance cycles is a requirement, then choose Model PDV 30 (up to 900 CFM).

Model PDV 20 uses a 21" vee-bag and Model PDV 30 uses a 36" vee-bag. The direct-drive blower/fan yields a fixed airflow. Air moves more slowly across the filters allowing the unit to drain constantly. Available in airflow levels from 400 to 900 CFM.

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