Power Module Freestanding Cartridge Dust Collectors

"The freestanding, modular Power Module dust and Fume Collectors offer incredible flexibility, with no
ductwork required, low-maintenance and super-efficient cartridge filters in a wide variety of media. "

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Modular Flexibility

When source capture isn’t a viable solution for your shop or plant, the Power Module offers the ultimate flexibility for fume and dust extraction and OSHA compliance. For effective and economical airborne contaminant control, for your whole shop — even with multiple operators — these powerful modular units can be deployed anywhere, and with a variety of filter options, can be customized for optimum filtration for your specific applications.

  Power Module Features

The self-contained Power Module requires no ductwork. Installation is quick and simple, and, as your filtration needs evolve, Power Modules can easily be redeployed for changing work environments. And this flexibility means no restrictions on operator movement or visibility, no alterations to existing workstation configurations.

Three 3/4 Cubic Foot Easy
Access Dust Collection Drawers


Power Module Options

Exhaust Side HEPA Filter for
99.97 Efficiency @ 0.3

Carbon & Other Filter
Modules Available

Permanent or Retracting
Booth Enclosures

Automatic Reverse Pulse
Jet Filter Cleaning

Metal Mesh for Steel Grinding

A Filter For Every Application

Easy-to-access cartridge filters offer HEPA-like efficiency — 99% at 0.5 microns — for effective capture of dusts and dry fumes. HEPA modules are available for super-efficient filtration, and activated carbon filters are an option for applications producing VOCs and odors. And push-button reverse-pulse-jet filter cleaning ensures maximum filter life and optimum efficiency.

With a single Power Module, three operators can work simultaneously — grinding, sanding, cutting, welding, chipping, batch mixing and more — and like a wind tunnel, airborne contaminants are drawn away from breathing zones. Clean air is returned to the plant or shop, and with no exhaust and no costly make-up air, the Power Module translates into significant energy savings.

With a wide variety of options, the Power Module offers the industry’s most flexible solution for indoor air quality.




Power Module Cartridge Dust Collector Specs


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Manufactured in the USA!


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4000-6000 Nominal CFM @5.5" G.W.


Freestanding Compact Modular Units


No Ductwork Required


Clean Air Recirculation Eliminates the need for Costly Air Make-Up


80/20 Polyester Blend Flame Retardant HEPA-like Cartridge Filter


99% Filter Efficiency @ 0.5


Push-Button Reverse Pulse Jet Filter Cleaning


Simple Tool-Free Filter Changeout


Mini-Helic Filter Changeout Gauge


Continuous Duty Baldor Motor


10Ft 360 Externally Supported 6" or  8" Extension Arm


177 or 295 Sq. Ft. Filter Area


Three Cubic Foot easy Access Dust Collection Drawers


11 & 14-Gauge Heavy-Duty Metal Construction


Powder Coat Finish


Quiet Operation - Less than 80 dBA


Application Specific Filter Media for Optimum Efficiency

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With over 20 years experience in dust collection
and air quality improvement , we'll build what you need!

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