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whirl wet - wet dust collectionWhirl / Wet dust collection systems provide air pollution dust control and collect all dusts above 1 micron.  

It combines a high efficiency wet dust collection system with low maintenance and operating costs.


Whirl/Wet is equally effective for both soluble and insoluble particles. Applications, from metal grinding through food processing are ideally suited to the Whirl / Wet. Energy generated inside the unit will not allow the system to clog under any operating conditions; therefore, the agglomeration and sticky residues that often plug dry collectors are not a problem with the Whirl / Wet.

Whirl / Wet is a frequently specified dust collection system for the collection of coal, aluminum, fertilizer and sugar dust, and is widely used for the dust elimination requirements of the stone finishing industry, lead particulate in the battery industry and virtually every sector of the process industries. Dust collection from grinding processes and food spices are excellent applications for the Whirl / Wet. Hydrogen venting is provided for applications generating hazardous quantities of hydrogen gas. It is the leading dust collection alternative for plants where metal or plastic finishing generates a wide variety of dust load inputs.

Whirl / Wet is particularly advantageous wherever materials recovery is desirable. Processes that were not formerly candidates for materials recovery have become good candidates as a result of the Whirl / Wet, yielding significant economic benefits for the processor.


Whirl / Wet employs a unique process to create intensive mixing of the dust particles and water to infuse dust particles with water droplets, the mixture is passed with high velocity through a fixed-position dual opposed blade system. The mixing of the dust-laden airstream and liquid takes place and, to increase turbulence, a tangential airstream is injected through a linear slot in the lower blade assembly. Rotation is accelerated, droplets in the airstream are eliminated through a mist eliminator located downstream, and particulate material is deposited on the bottom of the unit for recovery or disposal. Water level is maintained automatically and make-up water is only necessary to compensate for evaporation or sludge removal.

Whirl / Wet operates in the 99%+ efficiency range for a wide variety of applications and over a wide range of micron sizes. Click here if your particulate is all under 5 microns.

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