2630B Grind Table for Hot Work

"The 3444B Super Downdraft Table is our most popular solution for metal,
pharmaceutical, ceramic and food processing powders, copy toner and more.


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The Model 2630B Grind Downdraft Table is designed to accommodate a variety of sanding, metal grinding, welding, and light plasma applications where sparks and high temperatures are present. At the heart of the system is a blower that can produce up to 1500 cfm of airflow @ 1" static pressure to contain debris.

A removable all-steel spark shield with hinged ends provides spark protection for area workstations. Tabletop surface is composed of durable metal plate or grating.

The shielded and fire-rated cartridge filter cleans 99.95% of particles sized .5 micron and larger. Push a button and compressed air blows dust from the filter, dropping dirt into the dustpan below. An optional timer enables automatic filter cleaning.

Newly designed water pans offer easy exterior access for water maintenance. A filter/dustpan door allows easy dirt removal and filter

3444B Grind Table for Hot Work Specifications

  • Dimensions: 26D x 30"L x 36 T

  • Motor: 1 HP, 120 /1/60 PLUG-N-GO

  • CFM: 1500 @ 1 H20

  • Warranty: 3-years limited

Other voltages & table sizes are available

2630B Grind Table for  Hot Work Fume Extraction Brochure

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