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fume extractors and dust extraction systems

Fume collectors and dust collection systems are a vital safety component to a wide variety of allied processes,  including welding, grinding, sanding, brazing, laser marking and cutting, rubber and plastic processing, high speed machining, tempering and quenching.

Effective collection of both wet and dry smoke and fumes from industrial emissions is a complex process, involving many aspects, but it is absolutely imperative, not only for workers' safety, but for optimal plant efficiency. Industrial Air Solutions has the experience, the extensive line of fume collectors and the technical expertise  to match the right collection system with your specific operations and your budget.

New OSHA Hexavalent Chromium Standard

OSHA Compliance Fume CollectorsClick here — We have local exhaust systems for compliance with the new OSHA standard for Hexavalent Chromium !

portable fume collectors and smoke collection systems

Portable Fume & Smoke Collection Systems
An extensive inventory of portable fume collectors and dust collection systems from names like Donaldson Torit. Ideal for welding fumes and a variety of allied processes — these units offer plug-n-go convenience.
cartridge equipment for smoke and dust Cartridge Fume Collectors
Remove large volumes of airborne particulate efficiently and economically.  Automatic cleaning ensures continuous duty use.

laser marking & welding fume extraction by XtractMAX

XtractMAX-LV Laser Fume Collectors

Portable electric extraction systems for source capture of fumes, gases, vapors, smoke and dusts from laser manufacturing processes — laser marking, welding, machining, drilling and more.

Welding fume and dust extractors Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs)
Portable, Floor Mount, and Free Hanging ESP fume collection systems are available to extract fine airborne dust and dry fumes like weld smoke.
fume extraction arms Extraction Arms / Snorkel Arms
Get smoke and fume collection to where you need it.  A compete range of quality flexible extraction arms with up to 30 ft range.
downdraft tables for grinding and sanding Downdraft Tables
Protect operators from harmful fumes from such applications as grinding, powder mixing, welding and sanding with these powerful downdraft tables.
HEPA filter modular equipment HEPA Filter Smoke Collection
For light fumes and dust, our modular HEPA filter systems provide economical and efficient control.
Articles, Information & Links about welding fume collector

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Advanced Fume Collection

ambient fume collectorsThe National Safety Council (NSC) says that, the majority of occupational health hazards arise from inhaling chemical agents in the form of vapors, gases, dusts, fumes and mists. While many materials are fairly nontoxic under normal circumstances, when heated or machined, their byproducts can be released as toxic fumes and gasses. These emissions can include such substances as chromium, nickel, arsenic, asbestos, cadmium and nitrogen oxides. Breathing of these hazardous fumes and gasses, especially for prolonged periods, can damage the upper respiratory tract and lungs and may cause a wide variety of serious, even fatal, long term complications.weld smoke

Is is important, wherever there are industrial processes that create vapors and dusts, that these dangerous chemicals are extracted from plant air, before they can negatively impact the health of workers. (Note the new OSHA standard for PEL of hexavalent chromium.) Not only is OSHA compliance necessary, but overall plant efficiency depends upon safe and healthy indoor air quality.

Every company requires a different solution for effective fume and dust collection. Each application presents its own unique set of considerations — tportable fume collectionhe type process; the material being, cut or polished; coatings on that material; the number of operators working in a given area; the length of time of operation as well as the general ventilation of the plant. Many factors can affect the amount of fume generated and the toxicity hazards of those emissions.

What is the compositition and size of the contaminant? Is it large particulate (dust). sub-micron particulate (fumes), Wet or dry — mists, gases or smoke? Are there heavy metals? Acid mists? Dioxins? What is the size and position of the source? The position and work flow of the operator? What capture velocity is required for this application?

Do you need the high-volume of a central cartridge collector or the focused Torit downdraft tablessource capture of an extraction arm? Which type filtration is best suited for your application? A ducted electrostatic precipitator for removing oily mists and smoke, or a modular media filter system combining carbon, HEPA and other filters, each with specific gas and particulate capture capabilities?

Do you require compact portability?  Is a downdraft table, a backdraft bench or a vacuum extraction nozzle the most efficient strategy for your particular application? Do you have special considerations like working with high temperatures or explosive materials? What about maintenance ? And of OSHA guidelinescourse a cost-benefits analysis will be central to your final decision.

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Because Industrial Air Solutions represents a wide variety of manufacturers, we can provide your company with the range of fume collection choices you need to best extract harmful pollutants from your plant air. We carry a huge selection of fume collectors and dust collection systems from trusted names, like Donaldson Torit, for nearly any allied process—welding, soldering, brazing, grinding, extraction armssanding, laser marking and cutting, and others.

Our filtration technicians have the experience and expertise to help you determine the most effective, efficient and economical fume collection system for your individual needs.

National Saftey CouncilWith portable vacuum systems, fully articulated extension arms and powerful downdraft tables, as well as ducted and un-ducted ambient fume, dust and smoke collectors, including electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) and HEPA filter systems, available in a range of power configurations and capture velocities, Industrial Air Solutions has the ideal solution to meet your indoor air quality needs and your budget.


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