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Local Exhaust Ventilation Hexavalent Chromium

In February, 2007, OSHA published a new standard drastically reducing accepted exposure to hexavalent chromium in the workplace.

Compliance with the new standard means a reduction in the permissible exposure limit (PEL) to hexavalent chromium fume, or Cr(VI), from 52 micrograms per cubic meter of air averaged over an 8-hour period to five micrograms.


Companies with more than 20 employees had a 2006 deadline for compliance with the new OSHA standard. Companies with fewer than 20 employees must achieve reduction of hexavalent chromium levels to within the PEL by May 31 of 2007

local exhaust systems
Local Exhaust Ventilation for
Hexavalent Chromium Reduction


In their "Small Entity Compliance Guide for the Hexavalent Chromium Standards" OSHA suggests a preferred compliance approach for reduction of fume as using engineering controls such as local exhaust ventilation:

Ventilation (e.g. local exhaust systems that capture airborne Cr(VI) near its source and remove it from the workplace, or general ventilation that dilutes Cr(VI) concentrations by circulating large quantities of air a local exhaust system is generally preferred to dilution ventilation because it provides a cleaner and healthier work environment.


  • Welding & Cutting Operations

  • Chrome Plating & Anodizing

  • Stainless Steel Fabrication

  • Automotive Painting & Finishing

  • Anti-Corrosion Coatings

  • Thermal Cutting

  • Grinding & Polishing

  • Shipbuilding

  • Zinc Finishing Operations

  • Plastics Coatings

  • Nickel-Based Alloys

portable fume collection

OSHA Compliance Solutions

At IAS, our indoor air quality specialists can assist you in designing the ideal fume extraction system for effective reduction of hexavalent chromium emissions to achieve OSHA compliance, without compromising workflow ergonomics and productivity.

Torit downdraft tablesWe offer a full array of local exhaust ventilation systems for source capture of hexavalent chromium fumes downdraft tables and benches, Downflo cartridge collectors, fume hoods, flexible ducts and hoses, gas wet scrubbers, chrome scrubbers and more.

We carry portable systems with massive airflows and a wide variety of filter options, including HEPA filters for complete compliance with the new OSHA standard for reduction of heaxavalent chromium fumes,.

Click Here for the MAX MOBILAIR dust / fume extractors in Action


Articles, Information & Links about welding fume collectorToll Free (US)


portable local exhaust ventilation systems

Portable Local Exhaust Ventilators for Hexavalent Chromium

An extensive inventory of portable fume extractors and dust collection systems from names like Donaldson Torit. Ideal for welding fumes and a variety of allied processes these units offer plug-n-go convenience and ultimate portability.

laser marking & welding fume extractors

XtractMAX-LV Laser Fume Extractors

Portable electric extraction systems for source capture of fumes, gases, vapors, smoke and dusts from laser manufacturing processes laser marking, welding, machining, drilling and more.

electrostatic precipitators for hexavalent chromium Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) for Cr(VI) Fume Reduction
Portable, Floor Mount, and Free Hanging ESP fume extractors are available to extract fine airborne dust and dry fumes like weld smoke.
fume extraction arms for source capture Extraction Arms / Snorkel Arms for Source Capture
Get smoke and fume extractors where you need them.  A compete range of quality flexible extraction arms with up to 30 ft range.
downdraft tables for welding fume reduction Downdraft Tables for Welding Fumes OSHA Compliance
Protect operators from harmful fumes from such applications as grinding, powder mixing, welding and sanding with these powerful downdraft tables and downdraft benches.
cartridge collectors for hexavalent chromium Cartridge Collectors for Dry fume Extraction

Downflo cartridge collectors by Donaldson Torit and more with pulse jet cleaning for continuous duty and ultra web nanofiber technology for effectively reducing hexavalent chromium fumes.

chrome scrubber -  fume extractors Chrome Scrubbers for Fume Extraction

CE-1 Chrome Scrubber scrubs all types of hex equivalent chrome, including Cr(VI) (Cr6) and Cr3, at efficiencies above 99.5%, regardless of input loading. 

gas wet scrubbers for fume extraction Gas Wet Scrubber for Hexavalent Chromium Fume Reduction

Turn-key installations of gas scrubbers for chrome  a proven answer for chemical nitration, combustion sources, metal finishing operations

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