Portable Continuous Duty Vacuums - XtractMAX CCD

Super-quiet continuous duty portable industrial vacuums with a variety of filter
options for reliable, low maintenance capture and collection of even microfine dusts.

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Stainless Steel Tanks, Drive-Shaft Mounted Turbines and
Vertical Filter and Side Shakers for an Exceptional Industrial Portable

130 / 122M / 140

122M-2F / 130-2F
140-2F / 155

Ultra-Efficient Fine Powder Vacuum Filtration

These portable vacuums are an ideal solution for applications that require powerful suction and continuous duty in confined spaces. These highly maneuverable industrial vacuums offer rugged stainless steel construction and a drive-shaft mounted turbine for virtually maintenance free operation day in and day out.

A wide variety of cartridge filter options are available for just about any dust collection needs, including microdust. Side and vertical filter shakers ensure optimum filter efficiency, and compartmentalized tanks make for quick and simple disposal.

From the ultra compact Model 122M to the heavy-duty Model 155, super quiet operation is combined with powerful suction and huge filter surface area.

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Model Power
Filter Area
Sq Feet
Noise Level
Tank Capacity
50 4 103.5 206 7.5 75 12.9
122M 2.95 86.6 206 7.5 69 12.9
122M-2F 2.95 86.6 206 4 69 11.35
130 4 108.3 206 7.5 69 12.9
130-2F 4 108.3 206 4 69 11.35
140 5.36 124 206 7.5 75 12.9
140-2F 5.36 124 206 4 75 11.35
155 7.37 98.4 306 4 75 11.35


Anticorrosive Muffler


Optional HEPA Filter


Stainless Steel Tank

     Oval Indicator


Nylon Wheels and 
Protective Covers 


Download XtractMAX-CCD Continuous Duty Portable Vacuums PDF Brochure

A Tool For Every Application

Vacuume Tools and Accessories


We carry the ideal vacuum tool for effective elimination of dusts and powders from of wide array of applications We offer hand tools, overhead tools, power tool adaptors and floor tools, for walls, crevices, tight spaces and all flooring surfaces, rough or smooth.







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