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The DuroVac QR100L
Mid-Sized Regen

Regenerative Series

Our most popular regen unit combines ample storage with 99.9% filtration.

6.1 and 8.5 Hp
Vacuum to 125" S.P.
Flow to 385 SCFM
58.3 Sq. Ft. filtration
29.9 US Gallons usable storage
Runs at just 75 dBa @ 3ft.

The 8.5 Hp powers two hoses at the same time. Makes a wonderful little central vacuum.

The DuroVac "Regenerative Series" by DuroVac takes fine powders in stride by combining a super-efficient, triple filter system with a strong, super-quiet regenerative type vacuum producer.

There are four models in this series.  A new modular construction means you can choose the suction power you want with the filtration and storage canister you need.

And like all our portables, each model features a cartridge type inline filter that can easily be upgraded to a HEPA type filter.

Regenerative Series Common Features:

  • super-quiet, continuous duty regenerative vacuum producer
  • TEFC 3600 rpm high efficiency motor
  • primary filtration efficient to 99.99% @ 0.4 microns, standard
  • inline filter provided standard, easily upgrades to HEPA type
  • effective internal filter bag shaker
  • filter condition indicator
  • 12" front wheels (with bearings), heavy-duty 6" rear casters
  • forklift channels and crane lift on all systems, standard
  • heavy duty, all steel frame construction 29"w x 50.5"l x 70"h
  • a beautiful, powder coated finish

Regenerative Series Specific Features:

  DVR60  DVR60L  DVR85 DVR85L 
System Horsepower 6.1 Hp 6.1 Hp 8.5 Hp 8.5 Hp
CFM (Maximum) 219 scfm 219 scfm  385 scfm 385 scfm 
Vacuum (Maximum) 126 " S.P. 126 " S.P. 125 " S.P. 125 " S.P.
Primary Filter (s.f.)  30.8  24.4 30.8 24.4
Secondary Filter (s.f.) 22.8 22.8  34.0 34.0
Total Filtration (s.f.)   53.6 47.2  64.8 58.3 
Air to Cloth Ratio 4.5:1 5.7:1 5.7:1 7.2:1
Storage (US Gal) 18.3  29.2  18.3  29.2
Noise Level @ 3ft  72 dBa  72 dBa   75 dBa 75 dBa
Weight  610 lbs. 610 lbs.  680 lbs. 680 lbs.

Selection Notes:

Selection between these models is determined by use.  Generally, the longer the vacuum hose and the heavier the dust load, the more suction you will want.   If the powders you need to deal with are below 5 microns, look for a machine with a air to cloth ratio less than 6.5:1.


The DVR60 is ideal for ultra-fine powders where you need 2" I.D. hose up to 50 ft long.  Quiet and dependable, it is recommended for moderate housekeeping, or tough jobs like pigment color changes.  Supports a central vac tube system up to 150 ft long..


Our most popular mid-range portable!   The Large Canister version DVR60L combines decent power with ample storage capacity.  And its low air to cloth means it can still handle even the finest powders.  Recommended for the same applications as the QR70 above.


This is the system to get when you want the best power in the super-quiet regenerative line.  Suitable for two operators each with a 1-1/2" I.D. hose x 50 ft, its triple filter assures trouble free operation with ultra-fines.

DVR85L The Large Canister version features 29.2 US gallon capacity and the powerful 10 Hp vacuum producer.  Makes a tremendous central vac capable of supporting a pipe network up to 200 feet long.  If sub-micron fines are to be vacuumed, consider instead the DVP75L.

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