ESD Express Series Vacuums

"The Express Series ESD Vacuums are light enough to carry but offer
 600 watts of power and a .3-micron filter for capturing ultra-fine particles. "

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The Express Series Vacuums are smaller, lighter, and more compact than Omega Series Vacuums. Powerful and light to carry. The .3- micron filter captures ultra- fine particles in disposable cartridge filter. The Express Series only weighs 6 lbs. but has 600 watts of power. Download the Express Series brochure for more information.


The Office Express

NO BATTERY! Best value! Itís the smallest, lightest,, most powerful, dust and dirt vac available. 120v Power in a small package. New carry tote holds lots of extras! Bag and shell style filter. New 75000 series adds new 600 watt motor POWER!

The Toner Express

The Lightest, most powerful fine particle vac. ESD safe hose and utensils. Adds hard plastic filter cartridge for security and convenient disposal. Toner Express is the choice for Field Service Techs, Printer Service, Telecom Installers and Office Personnel who need fast easy cleanups, but donít want to lug a big vac around.

The HEPA Express

HEPA grade filtration in a small powerful size. ESD complete path- to- ground! Safe for electronics, EMI/ RFI Filtered. Adds HEPA grade filtration 99.97% efficient at .3- micron for Ultra fine particle pickup. Dust, Mold, Lead, Color Toner, Fiberglass and other microscopic biohazards captured in an easy to seal and dispose hard plastic cartridge filter.


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