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"Recycle chips and coolant with Sump Vac portable
Industrial Vacuum Cleaners. Vacuum, pump and separate chips
 from coolant with a non-clogging filter and powerful return pump "


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Industrial sump vacuum for chip separation and coolant recyclingA Powerful Package

The Sump Vac's ruggedness, portability and compact design make this vacuum the ideal solution for any machine shop. 

Leave the time consuming, messy procedure of sump cleanout with brooms, shovels and air in the past. Our Industrial Sump Vacuum offers a three-in-one package for the metal working industry. 

SPS250 Chip seperator seperates chips from coolants efficiently.Now you can vacuum, pump, and separate chips from coolant efficiently. The Sump Vacuum incorporates a powerful vacuum producer protected from chips and coolant, a non clogging filter, a powerful return pump, and an internal sound suppression system. 

With the Sump Vac, you can evacuate sumps and separate chips from coolant in minutes and return the coolant via the pump at 38 gallons per minute. Regular separation helps to aerate the coolant, destroying any bacteria that may be present.

Unlike a 55 gallon drum, our Sump Vac is not top heavy and will never tip over. 

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  • The portable industrial solution for chip separationVirtually maintenance free and user friendly.

  • Equipped with a positive closure float assembly, this vacuum can not over fill. 

  • The tilt up lid gives accessibility to the filter and chip basket without the use of any additional tools.


9 Gallon Chip Basket

40 Gallon Liquid Capacity

Durable Steel Tank

Ruturn Pump with Camlock

Coalescent Media Filter

Accessory Package


All Chip Separators are equipped with the following:
Inclusive sound suppression rated 68 dba
Motor Rating (2) 1200watt motors, 3.2hp, 19 amps
Vacuum Rating 7.2 Hg"
Volume Rating (CFM) 200 CFM
Filtration Coalescing Media
Inlet Connection 2.75 inch (70 mm)
Over Fill Protection Positive closure float
Coolant Drain 1/4hp return pump(38 gallons per minute)
Coolant Drain Tapered bottom w/ manual valve
Tank Housing Steel (12 gauge) Painted
Vacuum Housing Compression cast composite
Chip Basket Mesh Screen 18" Perf x 1/8" space x 1/8" thick
Voltage 110 volt Note: Three Phase machines are available for continuous duty applications.
Power Cable 30 feet

Product Code Tank Capacity Chip Capacity
#9300 40 gallon 8 gallons
#9304 80 gallon 15 gallons
#9308 140 gallon 22 gallons

Includes as Standard:
Vacuum Hose 2" x 10' clear oil resistant
Metal Wand 2" x 36" chrome steel
Rubber, Utility Tool 2" x 5" oil resistant
Pump Drain Hose 1.5"x5' with cam lock
Inlet Reducer, elbow 70 to 50mm, w/ button lock connection


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