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Flexible Industrial Hose From 1.25" to 8"

We have the right vacuum hose for your needs hoses in virtually every diameter, with lengths up to 100', and designed for your specific application. Light weight, heavy duty, static proof, heat resistant, highly flexible, abrasion resistant, crush proof, PVC, neoprene, galvanized tell us your vacuum needs, and we'll provide the ideal hose solution.

E-Series Crush Proof
All Plastic Hoses

This crush-proof, highly flexible and smooth-bore hose, in 1.5" to 2.5", is available in lengths up to 50'. Economical and non-static conductive, this is an ideal choice for wet pickup and general industrial vacuuming.

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Multi-purpose PVC Hose
with Plastic Support Helix

Available from 1.25" to 6" and up to 50' lengths, this smooth bore heavy-duty hose offers excellent air flow efficiency to eliminate material build up and static wire to dissipate static electricity.



N-Series Light Weight
Static Conductive Hoses

Available in 1.5" to 2" white, grey, red, black and green, this hose is ideal for extraction of flowable materials from cleanrooms, pharmaceutical production areas and food and chemical plants where light accumulations of dust and debris are present. Grounded hose eliminates static shocking.

High Temperature Hose

Heat resistant hose handles temperatures up to 250 F. continuous.



Series 1000
Gray, lightweight, flexible plastic hose. Crush-proof design. Ideal for light housekeeping applications and conveying of non-abrasive materials.

Series 2000
Gray, lightweight, wire-reinforced plastic hose. Our most flexible hose. Hose can handle full vacuum and has grounding capabilities.

Series 3000
Yellow, heavy-duty, flexible, crush proof hose. Ideal if safety color is required. Tough yet flexible hose.

Series 4000
Clear, food grade, heavy duty plastic hose. Reinforced with PVC helix and rated for full vacuum. Smooth bore inside.

VF Series
Green, medium weight, flexible, wire reinforced Hose. Smooth inside / outside. Cellular foam construction. Hose can be grounded if required.

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Static Proof Hoses

Series 4050
Clear, static proof, urethane, smooth hose. Wire reinforced with molded carbon cuffs. Flexible yet durable, no exposed ground wires.

Series 5050
Black, heavy duty, industrial grade, grounded neoprene hose. Abrasion-resistant, smooth bore inside and corrugated outside. Available with white food grade cover.

Series 6050
Black, heavy duty industrial grade, grounded neoprene hose. Abrasion-resistant, smooth bore inside and outside wall. Available with white food grade cover.

Series 7000
Galvanized or stainless steel, flexible metal hose. Ideal for hi-temp or corrosive applications. Static Conductive.

Series 8000
Black, medium weight, abrasion resistant hose. Constructed of a static dissipating compound. More flexible then heavy duty rubber hoses.


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