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A full line of accessories and parts for all your Power-Vac applications.

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Replacement Parts, Attachments
& Tools for Power-Vac

  We offer a full line of Accessories to enhance unit functionality and Spare/Replacement Parts for the Power-Vacs. In some cases, a cleaning solution may require non-standard accessories. In those situations, please contact us as we do offer Customization of Accessories. Below are some of our major accessories and parts.
Power Vac Gas with Hose

Power Vac with Leaf Blower

Auto Baffle Assembly



Brush Assembly

Spring loaded constant pressure type, eliminates continuous brush adjustment to maintain operation. Mounted in the front to loosen debris.

Instant Action Hose

Exclusive feature allows operator continuous use of 4" diameter x 10 ft. hose with cane handle for effortless cleaning of hard-to-reach areas.

Leaf Blower Attachment

Easily converts sweeper to a blower machine. Not only blows leaves but picks up at the same time. Cleans right up to walls, hedges and trees.

Turf Application
Adjustable side mounted wheels and bag sling , in lieu of dolly platform, allows effective removal of leaves and debris from landscaped areas.
Auto Baffle Assembly

Convenient option for increasing by 30% total suction to Instant Action Hose instead of manual baffle plate.

Magnetic Bar Assembly
A high-powered magnet to pick up metallic objects. Swings up out of the way when not needed.
Safety Accessories
Spark Arresting Muffler (US Forest Service approved),
Spark Plug Shield

These are only a few of the accessories describe above, there are others listed below. Please contact us for further detail:
  • Tow Bar
  • Rot-Resistant Polyester Felt Bag
  • Battery Charger for Battery Machines
  • Side Wear Plates
  • Electric and Battery Start Motors
  • Continuous Operation Kit for Battery Powered Models
  • Fold-Away Handle Assembly
  • 20# Horizontal Vapor Propane Tank
Custom Accessories upon request.
If our standard products can not meet your required cleaning solutions, contact us for possible customized accessories.

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Parts for the Power Vacs

Deflector and Booster Baffle
Deflector and Booster Baffle
  • DB-00 - Safety Shield against heavy, sharp material required when using the Booster Baffle
Filter Bags (w/60" Zipper & Zipper Side Vent)
  • TB-01 - Cotton fleece lined filter bag
  • TB-03 - Polyester felt, rot-resistant filter bag
  • FW-20 - Front Caster Only- Polyurethane gray wheel
  • FW-21 - Front Caster with hardware- Poly gray wheel w/nuts, bolts and lock washers
  • DA-03 - Dolly platform caster only- Black wheel on dolly platform
  • SW-11 - Side wheel (10 in. x 1.75 in.)
  • SW-02 - Axle collars
  • HO-00 - 4 in x 10 ft. flexible vinyl hose only
  • HO-55 - 4 in x 10 ft. flexible vinyl hose w/ adapter assembly
Rear Rubber Flaps
  • IV-02 - 30 inch rear rubber flap- Squeegee runs along rear end of machine
  • IV-43 - 40 inch rear rubber flap-Squeegee runs along rear end of machine
Hose Baffle Plate
  • HO-60 - Hose Baffle Plate
If you don't see something you need, please contact us and provide us with your requirements.
Accessories and parts are subject to change. Models and style may also change. 

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