Power-Vac Electric Vacuum Sweepers

Electric-powered Power-Vac commercial indoor vacuum sweepers make
quick work of cleaning up debris from paper to foam packaging to glass  
on hard surfaces as well as carpet.

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Elgee Electric Power Vac Vacuum SweeperPower-Vac Suction
Even in Tight Spots

The Electric Power-Vac commercial vacuum sweeper is ideally suited for quick cleanup of virtually any type of litter and debris found indoors from  paper to foam packaging to broken glass, bottles and insulation. The electric Power-Vac can be used on a variety of surfaces such as concrete, tile, carpet and more.

Tackle even the largest job at 40,000 sq ft per hour. The Power-Vac saves time and money by cleaning 12 times faster than manual broom and rake methods. Power-Vac Sweepers are low maintenance, with no moving parts such as chains or belts, no gates, hinges, or levers to complicate operations. The machine is always at the right operation height, ready to pick up almost any size object.

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Click Here for Power-Vac Electric Demo


The Power-Vac's unique engineering provides for the collection of dissimilar litter. A patented design allows objects outside the width of the machine to be vacuumed, and the Quick-Tilt feature offers a Snap-on Dolly assembly to allow the introduction of large objects into the air stream. The 11-cubic-foot-capacity polyester felt bag has a specifically designed zippered screened vent for superior dust control, yet still maintains proper machine balance for titling.


  • Theaters
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Centers/Malls
  • Hotels/Resorts
  • Warehouses
  • Factories/Plants
  • Restaurants Halls
  • Textile Mills
  • Office Buildings


  • Multi-Use Vacuum Sweeper for Indoor & Putdoor Turf, Hard and Carpeted Surfaces
  • Picks up Virtually Anything Litter & Debris no Adjustments
    • plastic liter bottles, cans, flat stock, glass, leaves & grass clippings, paper just to name a few . . .
  • Great for: theaters, manufacturing plants, sidewalks & walkways, gyms, showrooms, lobbies and much more.

Electric Powered Model Details:
- Offers the convenience of electric power with the ability to clean where gasoline units cannot. Motor operates at a constant 3450 RPMs. Includes a 60 ft. cable. Longer if required.
- 1.5 Hp A.C., 60 cycle, single phase 110/220 volt motor. Walk behind push sweeper.  Shipping wt. 200 lbs.


  • 30" or 40" Sweep Width
  • 54" Long for Easy Maneuverability  
  • Vacuums up to 40,000 square feet per hour
  • All Welded Rugged Steel Body
  • Exclusive Booster Baffle for Easy Handling of Tough-to-Pickup Debris
  • Patented Tapered Intake for Side Collection
  • Minimum Moving parts - No Chains or Belts
  • Impeller Shaft Guard - Prevents Binding of String, Wire, etc. on Shaft
  • Exclusive Deflector Baffle for Operator Safety
  • Snap-On Dolly Assembly for carrying Heavy Bag
  • Easily Transport in Van or on Trailer
  • Low Maintenance

Magnetic Bar - sort metal objects or for preventing Foreign Object Damage (FOD) to trucks, cars  and taxiing aircraft.

Instant Action Hose - 10-foot hose with 4" diameter and cane handle) for continuous cleaning of tough-to-reach areas like around fences, hedges, lamp posts, behind garbage cans and parking bumpers. Boosts suction by 30% when used with the Auto Baffle option.

Brush Assembly - Front-mount spring loaded constant pressure eliminates adjustments and loosens debris for easier pick up.

Fold-Away Handle Assembly compact storage for maintenance or janitorial rooms

Extension Cable when additional cord length is required


All Power-Vac Sweepers have a 1 Year Warranty.

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