indoor Indoor Litter Vacuums by Elephant-Vac

Commercial indoor litter vacuums by Elephant-Vac, in propane and electric models
are designed for indoor use, feature a powerful vacuum vortex-action airflow and a
balanced spring hose boom — and they take standard size trash bags!

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650-LP Propane Powered Elephant-Vac

Quiet, Clean, Super-Maneuverable

Elephant-Vac industrial indoor litter vacuums are designed and engineered for use indoors, where a highly maneuverable, self-contained, clean-burning and quiet vacuum is required. In warehouses and factories, for the hard to get at edges of aisles and around machinery and racks, Elephant-Vac does the work of three or more hand sweepers.

Elephant-Vac is pulled by a draw-bar as the operator directs the suction nozzle to pick up paper tags, cups, cans. cigarette butts, sawdust, woodchips — just about any light debris capable of fitting through its 6" or 8" hose. The wheel and caster arrangement allows the vacuum to be spun around in its own length.

Watch the
Elephant-Vac Litter
Vacuums in Action

riding litter vacuums

Like our larger vacuums, the hose is mounted on a balanced spring-boom and directed by a telescoping control arm. The debris is drawn by vacuum air, through the heavy duty hose, and directly into a container lined with a disposable plastic bag. Debris does not pass through the self-cleaning, revolving exhaust screen or cast aluminum impeller. Removal and replacement of the bag takes less than one minute.

— Specifications —

Elephant-Vac LP gas industrial vacuums are powered by a 9HP Briggs & Stratton engine with electric start and built in charging. AC electric powered models are available for 220/440 volt single phase and three phase operation. A battery powered unit is available for intermittent use picking up light, scattered debris.

Solid construction has been utilized throughout for heavy industrial use. Elephant-Vac industrial vacuums are designed specifically for use indoors or on hard, level outdoor surfaces.

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— Elephant-Vac 650/850 Indoor Litter Vacuum Brochure (PDF) —


650 & 850 models
MODEL: 650-IG 850-IG 650-IP 850-IP 650-AC 850-AC  
POWER: Gasoline Gasoline LP gas LP gas AC power AC power  
HOSE: 6" dia. 8" dia. 6" dia. 8" dia. 6" dia. 8" dia.  
6" dia.
vacuum specifications
SYSTEM TYPE: Tank type vacuum. Debris does not pass through the impeller.
IMPELLER: Cast aluminum. High-speed balanced.
Top mounted for maximum airflow and dust control.
FILTER SCREEN:  High strength steel. Rotating -- self-cleaning. Optional cloth filter bag for air outlet.
HOSE:  6" (15 cm) or 8" (20 cm) diameter, 10 foot (3.0 meter) long.
Flexible rubber, helical spring wire reinforced.
CONTAINER:  Heavy gauge galvanized steel, painted, 50 gallon (189 liter) capacity.
LINER:  Heavy gauge polyethylene. 
BAGS:  22" x 20" x 44" x 3 mil (56 cm x 51 cm x 112 cm x .08 mm). Black polyethylene.
FRAME:  Heavy wall steel tubing. Welded construction. 
WHEELS: 20" (51 cm) diameter heavy duty, spoked, ball bearing. Solid tires.
CASTERS: 8" (20 cm) diameter heavy duty, swivel, ball bearing. Solid tires.
BRAKES: Parking brake and caster swivel lock.
DIMENSIONS:  36" (91 cm) wide x 70" (178 cm) long not incl. hose. 84" (213 cm) high. 
gasoline & LP gas power
ENGINE: Briggs & Stratton 9.0 hp (6.7 kw). 21.0 cu. in. (344 cc) displacement.
Single cylinder, overhead valve, air cooled, electric start. 
FUEL: Regular gasoline: 1.25 gallon (5.7 liter) capacity.
LP gas: 20 lb. horizontal motor fuel bottle, vapor withdrawal. Not included.
STARTING: Key ignition switch.
OPERATION: Cable throttle control.
IMPELLER SPEED: 1800 - 4000 rpm variable
PERFORMANCE:  6" hose: Airflow 1500 cfm (42 cmm). Velocity 7800 fpm (2400 mpm).
8" hose: Airflow 2300 cfm (65 cmm). Velocity 6500 fpm (2000 mpm).
BATTERY:  Group U1 type. 
WEIGHT:  290 lbs (132 kgs).
AC electric power
MOTOR: 3 hp (2.2 kw) or 5 hp (3.7 kw), TEFC, 220/440 volt AC, single phase or three phase.
OPERATION: Continuous operation. Magnetic safety starter box.
IMPELLER SPEED: 3 hp: 1750 rpm. 5 hp: 3500 rpm.
PERFORMANCE:  6" hose: Airflow 1150 cfm (32 cmm). Velocity 6000 fpm (1800 mpm).
8" hose: Airflow 1750 cfm (50 cmm). Velocity 5000 fpm (1500 mpm).
WEIGHT:  290 lbs (132 kgs).
DC battery power
MOTOR: 1.5 hp (1.1 kw) permament magnet, TEFC. Two speed - 36/18 volt DC.
OPERATION: Air trigger on-off switch on handle. Low speed - 50% duty cycle.
High speed for occasional pick-up of heavy debris.
IMPELLER SPEED: Low: 2500 rpm. High: 4000 rpm.
PERFORMANCE:  Maximum airflow 1500 cfm (42 cmm). Velocity 7800 fpm (2400 mpm).
BATTERIES: Three 12 volt, 100 ah, group 27, deep cycle batteries included.
CHARGER: Charger included. 120 volt input. 36 volt, 25 amp output.
WEIGHT:  410 lbs (186 kgs).

 The manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications at any time without notice.
One year limited warranty.



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