Litter Vacuums — By Elephant-Vac

Commercial riding litter vacuums by Elephant-Vac are incredibly agile on
almost any terrain, feature a powerful vacuum vortex-action airflow and a
balanced spring hose boom — and they take standard size trash bags!

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Riding, Skid-Mounted, Tractor Mount &
indoor Commercial Litter Vacuums


Our Elephant-Vac commercial litter vacuums are an effective, economical solution for all of your litter cleanup needs — in open areas like parking lots and fields, along gutters and against fences — these litter vacuums sweep just about any terrain clean of large debris like soda bottles and cardboard cartons as well as smaller litter like leaves, cigarette butts and paper trash.

These reliable litter vacuums feature a tank-type top-drawing vacuum system in which debris never passes through the impeller or the revolving self-cleaning filter, ensuring low-maintenance, clog-free operation day in and day out.

— Elephant-Vac Models —

State-of-the-art lightweight materials and engineering translate to incredible maneuverability over almost any terrain, and superior energy efficiency. The 20-HP gasoline engine powers more than 1000 pounds up to 16mph with economical fuel consumption of only 1 gallon per hour!

Watch the
Elephant-Vac Litter
Vacuums in Action

The Elephant-Vac's height-adjustable balanced spring boom hose support offers amazingly agile side-to-side maneuverability of the collection hose, allowing the operator to easily pick up scattered debris on the fly.

Elephant-Vac litter vacuums use ordinary plastic trash bags, that take less than one minute to change. The vortex action of Elephant-Vac's airflow packs debris providing 3 to 5 times the capacity of a hand loaded bag.

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Rugged, Reliable Construction

Elephant-Vac litter vacuums are designed and manufactured to operate under the tough and dirty conditions found in litter clean-up applications.

These vacuums have stood the test of time — with a 25-year proven track record of solid reliable performance.

No-Clog Filtration
The primary top-impeller-attached screen spins at 1800 to 4000 RPM, utilizing centrifugal force to throw off any potentially filter-clogging debris.

Unlike porous-bag systems that require vacuum air to pass through debris and bag to be drawn into the bottom mounted impeller, the Elephant-Vac design ensures that even when the tank is full, there is no reduction in suction performance.

Bags & Liners

Use any appropriate size ordinary trash bag or the convenient cartridge loaded Elephant-Vac heavy duty trash bags.

Changing bags takes less than one minute, with tank pullout for easy horizontal removal of full bags.

Elephant-Vac's unique bag liner keeps the bag in place during operation. Unlike tapered liners, the Elephant-Vac liner has straight sides for easy withdrawal from the bag during emptying.

Vortex Action for Superior Compaction & Cleaner Operation

The vortex action of Elephant-Vac's airflow serves to pack the debris into the bag. This non-mechanical compaction of the debris provides 3 to 5 times the capacity of a hand loaded bag.

Elephant-Vac's vortex airflow and its use of a top mounted impeller also mean less dust exhausting from the air outlet because dirt and dust drop to the bottom of the bag, the optional air outlet filter bag is not needed in most applications

Spring-Loaded Hose Boom

Elephant-Vac's hose is supported by a balanced spring boom provides unparalelled maneuverbaility, enabling the operator to pick up scattered debris on the fly while driving. The spring boom is height-adjustable to accomodate uneven operating conditions or to compensate for the heavier hose encountered in wet, dirty conditions.

The hydraulic booms utilized in some litter vacuums, are not only subject to mechanical failure and higher maintenance costs, they also require the operator to stop the vehicle at each piece of debris to maneuver the boom height.

Likewise, air pressure balanced booms cannot be fine-tuned and are affected by temperature differences, and they cannot be adjusted for the heavier hose weight caused by operation in wet, dirty conditions.

Lightweight Maneuverability & Fuel Efficiency

Elephant-Vac litter vacuums employ lightweight materials and design for maximum efficiency. Their 20-horsepower gasoline engine propels over 1000 pounds to 16 MPH with fuel consumption of approximately one gallon per hour.

Other riding litter vacuums' greater weight uses more power, resulting in less operation efficiency.

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Elephant-Vac Litter Vacuums — Models

EVC-4H Riding
Litter Vacuums

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EVC-4H Elephant-Vac Riding Vacuum

EV-2S Skid Mounted
Litter Vacuums

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EV-2S Skid Mounted Litter Vacuums

EV-2 & 3PT
Tractor Mount
Litter Vacuums

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EV2 and 3PT Tractor Mounted Elephant-Vac

650 / 850 indoor
Indoor Litter Vacuums

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650 680 Pull-Around Indoor Litter Vacuums

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