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Vacuum sweepers for floor cleanup of debris from super fine dusts to hazardous
waste and liter-sized bottles to large metallic objects,  indoors and outdoors.

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Vacuum Sweepers for Every
Commercial & Industrial Application

We have the industrial or commercial vacuum sweeper to get the job done, whether your floor debris removal needs are for large outdoor arenas, industrial plants, clean rooms, theaters, garages, stadiums, shopping malls, casinos warehouses, parks, grounds — indoors or outdoors.

Our durable vacuum sweepers, including a HEPA wet/dry canister vacuum cleaner, are designed for removal of virtually all litter and waste, from super fine powders, to hazardous waste materials, to sand, metal shavings, glass, wire, nails, liter-sized plastic bottles, large metallic pieces, even hard-to-pick-up flat objects.

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Power-Sweep Commercial Vacuum Sweepers

Power-Sweep Floor Sweepers gas and battery-powered vacuum sweepers are super quiet and highly maneuverable for dust-free removal, indoors and out of chronic dusts.

Tomcat Battery Vacuum Sweepers — super quiet battery powered commercial sweeping systems, built to cruise over carpeting, tile and sports courts with ease. These walk-behind and rider vacuums are incredibly maneuverable and gobble up the toughest debris, dirt, fine dust, rocks, broken glass, nails, gravel . . .

Riding Litter Vacuums by Elephant-Vac

Elephant-Vac Litter Vacuums — These nimble riding, tractor mount, skid mounted and indoor commercial litter vacuums offer powerful, clog-free vortex-action vacuum airflow and height-adjustable balanced spring booms for incredible side-to-side hose maneuverability — and they take standard trash bags!
Power-Vac Outdoor Commercial Vacuum Sweepers

Power-Vac Gas Commercial Vacuum Sweeper outdoor vacuum sweepers are ideal for quickly cleaning up debris — from dirt to liter-sized bottles to large metallic objects — from a variety of surfaces.

Power-Vac Propane Vacuum Sweeper

Power-Vac Propane Floor Sweepers for clean-burning LP powered cleanup in ventilated indoor and outdoor environments. Same great suction power as the gas model.

Electric floor sweepers commercial

Power-Vac Electric Commercial Vacuum Sweepers for indoor applications. Effectively vacuums both carpeted and hard surfaces of virtually any litter, including sand, foam packaging, glass, wire, nails and much more.

battery powered vacuum cleaners Power-Vac Battery Powered Vacuums for indoor applications where gasoline and propane may be hazardous and electrical cords cumbersome.
Voyager Turbo Portable Drum Modular Voyager® Turbo Drum vacuum Cleaners - Modular upright, portable & drum vacuums with massive air flow for commercial and industrial cleanup of bulky dry debris.
HEPA Wet Dry Hazardous Waste Removal HEPA Vacuums Wet/Dry Hazardous Waste for effective removal of hazardous materials. These canister vacuums are ideal for clean rooms, hospitals and industrial plants.
Power Vac Parts & Accessories Vacuum Parts and Accessories - Replacement parts, fittings, attachments and accessories for all Power-Vac vacuum sweeping systems, including leaf blower, brushes, turf, baffle assembly, filter bags and more.

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