Tomcat Vacuum Sweepers
for Battery-Powered Commercial Cleanup

Walk-behind and rider commercial vacuum sweepers by Tomcat for battery powered,
super quiet, turn-on-a-dime cleanup of dirt, dust, gravel, nails and more on floor, carpet,
tile, concrete, sports courts, parking lots these rugged sweepers go almost anywhere.

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Walk-Behind and Rider Commercial Vacuums

When you need a quiet battery-powered vacuum floor sweeper that's powerful enough to pick up the toughest debris from fine dust to dirt to rocks, broken glass, nails, cement, gravel and more and agile enough to fit through doors, up steep ramps and around tight corners, Tomcat Sweepers are the vacuum to do the job.

These rugged powder-coated steel floor sweepers cruise over carpet, tile, concrete, parking lots and sports courts with ease. The powerful sweeping system lifts and grooms carpet fibers for a like-new look to corridors, lobbies, waiting areas and dining halls. And with near-silent operation, continuous cleaning is possible without disturbing guests.

5182 sq. in. of filter media efficient to 1 micron
250 cfm vacuum power

3300 Tomcat Walk-Behind Commercial Vacuums

297 Tomcat Compact Rider Sweeper

4700 48" Tomcat Rider Vacuum Sweepers

rider floor sweepers

commercial rider vacuum

Avg Cleaning 30,000 ft/hr
Cleaning Width 33 inches
Run Time 5 Hours

3300 Specifications PDF

Avg Cleaning 46,220 ft/hr
Cleaning Width 37 inches
Run Time 9 Hours

297 Specifications PDF

Avg Cleaning 60,568 ft/hr
Cleaning Width 48 inches
Run Time 8 Hours

4700 Specifications PDF

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  • Casinos
  • Sports Arenas
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Lobbies
  • Banquet Halls
  • Restrooms
  • Shopping Malls
  • Shop Floors
  • Parking Garages
  • Clubhouses
  • Gyms

Tomcat Sweepers
feature a dual-stage cleaning system:

A powerful broom spins at 400 rpm, shoveling debris into the oversized hopper (2 cubic feet on the 3300 and 297 models and 4 cubic feet on the 4700).

Mounted on a trailing arm suspension, the broom self adjusts to floor changes, eliminating the need to constantly adjust for uneven surfaces.

A high-volume, high-capacity filtration system collects dust in the exclusive baghouse filter whose 5,182 square inches of felt polymer media traps particles as small as 1 micron. Under normal conditions, this filter will last the life of the machine.


Rugged 7-gauge steel construction is powder coated, making Tomcat Vacuum Sweepers 16 times more resistant to corrosion than standard air-dried enamel. These floor vacuums are built to withstand even the harshest environments, like foundries and metal fabrication shops.

Tomcat's long-run-time battery powered sweepers eliminate noise, fumes, and the hassle of engines no oil to change or propane bottles to lug. Service for Tomcat motors is recommended every 2,000 hours. Compare that to every 200 hours for an engine!

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Tomcat commercial vacuum's Central Command II system features an LCD readout, full on-board diagnostics, and three different hour meters, recording transport, sweeping and key-on time elapsed.

These vacuum cleaners can also be restricted with maximum run speed, reverse speed, acceleration rates and brush pressure settings to protect operators, guests and facilities.


  • Powerful sealed motor drive, able to climb steep ramps

  • Non-marking tires standard protects floors

  • Cleans up to 60,568 sq. ft./hr

  • 7-guage powder coated steel construction

  • Quiet operation 71 dBA

  • Up to 9 hours battery run time

  • 250 cfm vacuum power

  • Baghouse filter with 5,128 sq. in. polymer felt filter media

  • 33", 37" or 48" cleaning widths

  • Powerful 400 rpm direct throw sweeping system

  • Trailing arm suspension self-adjusts broom to floor

  • Automatic-set parking break for operator safety

  • Optional speed and brush pressure restrictors

The Tomcat 3300 rider is designed to
fit through standard 32" doors

Download Tomcat Vacuum Sweeper Brochure PDF

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