Explosion Proof Vacuums for Hazardous Combustible Dust

"Explosion Proof Industrial Vacuum Systems for effective control of explosive dust hazards."

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We carry the industry's most comprehensive line of explosion proof vacuums — from portable electric and compressed air vacuums for combustible dust handling, to immersion vacuums for wet dust and highly explosive material, to fully customized central vacuum systems to achieve OSHA compliance for any size or type combustible dust problem.

We also offer a full complement of  hose, tools and accessories that are static conductive, dissipative or fully grounded for guaranteed spark-free operation.

Our explosion proof vacuums are designed and manufactured for full compliance with:

bullet NFPA & NEC 500-5 Class II,
Divisions 1 & 2, Groups F & G
bullet European ATEX Directie 94/9/EC,
Zone 21, 22

Explosion Proof

Compressed Air Combustible Dust
Explosion Proof
Wet Vacuums
Explosion Proof
 Combustible Dust
Tools / Hose Accessories
Electric Explosion Proof Vacuums Compressed Air Combustible Dust Vacuums Immersion Wet Harzardous Materials Vacuums Explosion Proof Central Vacuum Systems Explosion Proof Vacuums Hose & Tools

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In response to the deadly sugar dust explosion at the Imperial Sugar refinery in Georgia, OSHA has recently reissued its combustible dust directive (No. CPL-03-00-008), stepping up inspections and issuing steep fines for facilities found not in compliance with this directive. (Imperial Sugar was fined $8.7 million by OSHA.)

Most solid organic materials, as well as many metals and some nonmetallic inorganic materials, will burn or explode if finely divided and dispersed in sufficient concentrations.

Combustible dusts can be manufactured powders, such as corn starch or aluminum powder coatings, or generated by handling and processing solid combustible materials such as wood and plastic pellets.


Polyethylene Dust Explosion
West Pharmaceutical Services

Partial List of Combustible Dusts

  • Metal dust such as aluminum and magnesium.

  • Wood dust

  • Coal and other carbon dusts

  • Plastic dust and additives

  • Biosolids

  • Other organic dust such as sugar, flour, paper, soap, and dried blood

  • Certain textile materials




Sugar Dust Explosion
Imperial Sugar

Polishing, grinding, transporting, and shaping many materials can produce very small particles, which can easily become airborne and settle on surfaces.

Even seemingly miniscule amounts of accumulated dust can cause catastrophic damage. The NFPA warns that as little as 1/32" of combustible dust over 5% of a room’s surface area presents a significant explosion hazard.

Dust explosions occur when combustible dusts settle on surfaces. When these dust accumulations are disturbed, they form a highly explosive dust clouds. Ordinary plant operations produce any number of potential ignition sources for these invisible airborne time bombs — setting off an explosion of potentially devastating proportions.

Aluminum Dust Explosion
Hayes Lemmerz International





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