XtractMAX Mini Portable Electric Canister Vacuums

At last! Truly dustless hardwood floor refinishing with professional-grade
vacuums — 99.9% efficient at eliminating dust from wood floor sanding,
marble polishing & concrete grinding and more.

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XtractMAX Floor Finishing Vacuums

Our full line of dustless hardwood floor refinishing vacuums have been engineered for the professional wood flooring contractor. We offer ultra portable and economical backpack vacuums for quick and easy cleanup, lightweight canister vacuums with power-tool sockets for quick hookup to edging sanders, high-flow brushless-motor dual-filter electric vacuums and our top-of-the-line revolutionary twin-Honda engine gas-powered vacuums for the most demanding floor refinishing jobs.

When your customers demand dustless floor refinishing, only XtractMAX vacuums offer 99.9% efficiency of the super-fine toxic dusts generated by hardwood floor sanding. Now you can have super maneuverability, powerful suction, reliability, low maintenance and rugged construction with vacuums designed from the ground up to handle every aspect of dust-control on even the biggest refinishing jobs.

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XMBP-1001 Backpack Vacuums — This super-economical, lightweight commercial backpack vacuum features maximum portability, with a patent-pending off-the-back suspension, advanced power motor and incredible suction, with 110-120" static lift.

XM-Mini Electric Canister Vacuums — Lightweight canister floor refinishing vacuums with cartridge cyclone filters for even super-fine hardwood dusts. The power tool socket offers a quick and easy connection with edging sanders, including automatic power-up when the sander is in use.

dustless hardwood floor sanding

XM-Compact Portable Electric Vacuums — Super lightweight maneuverability with a 9-gallon dust bin and oversized low-loading filter — with a 3 to 5 year filter life — for efficient removal of large quantities of hardwood floor refinishing dust without loss of suction.

dustless hardwood floor sanding XM- — Heavy-duty.
floor finishing - concrete polishing and grinding

HF-320 High Flow Vacuums — These powerful high-flow vacuums feature a brushless single-phase 4000-hour motor. That's five times the rating of a standard carbon-brush shop vacuum! Double the vacuum power with a powerful 320 cfm airflow. Two-stage filtration boasts 3 to 5 times the filter surface area of any other hardwood floor sanding vacuum on the market today

dustless floor re-finishing vacuums

HF-640 High Flow Brushless Motors — Powerful high-flow vacuums feature twin hi-flo brushless motors, rated for over 4000 hours. Triple the vacuum power with an incredible 640 cfm. Dual filter system with a primary 5-YEAR Tetratek bag-style filter and secondary cartridge filer. An amazing 35-gallon drum!

wood dust vacuums XMP-2026G Gasoline Vacuums This revolutionary gas-powered floor finishing vacuum is for the serious contractor who needs a positive displacement system. This heavy-duty, 24-HP Honda twin-engine gas-powered vacuum offers incredibly powerful suction, super-effective fine-dust capture, reliability, low maintenance and rugged construction.

Electric Hose Reels

Vacuum Hose Reels — The highest quality heavy-duty vacuum hose reels available, with rugged steel construction. 500 PSI ratings for trouble-free operation. Crank rewind reels to electric to rim rewind, for up to 400 feet of vacuum hose, we have the right vacuum hose reel for your application

Air Movers / Dryer Fans — High-velocity, high-volume airflow for fast, even drying of hardwood floors. and for pulling air out of crawlspaces to establish negative pressure, drawing clean, heated air for clean, quick drying.


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