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"Offering a complete line of heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners and commercial vacuums.
Compact portable units from NIKRO, continuous duty industrial vacuums from DuroVac, explosion proof vacuum systems,
gas and sump vacuums, XtraxtMAX venturi and electric fine powder vacuums, HEPA vacuums, vacuum loaders and
battery powered rider vacuum sweepers and automatic floor scrubbers, as well as custom designed
and installed central vacuum systems, Pre-Separators, hoses, tubing and accessories."

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Liquid, Fine Powder and NIKRO Canister Vacuum Cleaners
Over 50 canister vacuum systems with wet and dry capability.
Explosion Proof Vacuum Systems

OSHA NRTL certified explosion proof vacuum cleaners with static dissipation, electrical insulation and chemical neutrality for safe effective removal of combustible dust..

NIKRO Canister Vacuums with HEPA Filters

For use in demanding critical filter applications, HEPA filters capture 99.97% of particulate above 0.3 microns. 

NIKRO Compressed Air Powered Canister Venturi Vacuums

Convert your plant air into a powerful vacuum using venturies. Designed for heavy duty industrial cleaning and material handling.

Continuous Duty Portable Vacuum Systems

DuroVac & XtractMAX vacuum systems are engineered for continuous duty, and will handle even the finest powders without filter trouble.

ESD Vacuums

ESD Vacuum cleaners for industrial or commercial use, suitable for toner, developer lead, mold spores and dust, as well as HEPA vacuums for the copier, computer, medical and telecommunications industry.

Sump Vacuums

Vacuum, pump and separate used coolants and cutting oils loaded with chips for fast and efficient coolant recycling from machine sumps. 

Gas Vacuums

No power? No problem! Our gas-powered industrial vacuum operates independently of power cords and electricity. The 15 hp gasoline engine, combines with 99.9% efficiency filtration for truly portable vacuum power

DuroVac Central Vacuum Systems for Industrial Applications

Select from centrifugal or positive displacement vacuum producers and
pulse jet cleaned cartridge type or baghouse filters.

HEPA Vacuums for OSHA compliant Lead Paint Removal

A wide array of HEPA vacuums for safe, OSHA compliant lead paint removal and abatement. From ultra portable backpack HEPA vacuums, to compact electric HEPA vacuums for portable lead paint removal, to high flow electric vacuums, gas powered HEPA vacuums, wet vacuums and pre-separators.

Dustless Hardwood Floor refinishing Vacuums

Offering a full line of dustless hardwood floor refinishing vacuums, engineered for the professional wood flooring contractor. Professional-grade electric and gas-powered vacuums 99.9% efficient at eliminating dust from wood floor sanding, marble polishing, concrete grinding and more.

Vacuum Loaders

Select from centrifugal or positive displacement vacuum producers and
pulse jet cleaned cartridge type or baghouse filters.

Industrial and Commercial Vacuum Sweepers / Litter & Leaf Vacuums

Commercial vacuum floor sweepers and leaf vacuums for indoor and outdoor debris, litter and hazardous waste removal. Any size job, from clean rooms to stadiums, parking lots with gasoline, propane, electric and battery powered walk-behind and rider sweepers from Elephant Vac and more.

Commercial and Industrial Automatic Floor Scrubbers

Automatic Floor scrubbers from Tomcat in walk-behind and rider models for fast efficient floor cleanup of schools, hospitals, factory, warehouse, shopping malls and more. Scrub paths up to 43" and cylindrical scrubbers for dual action sweeping-debris cleanup and scrubbing.

Vacuum Pre-Separators, Receiver, Hoppers

Industrial vacuum Pre-Separators, Bulk Hoppers, Top Hat Cyclone Separators and Wet Separators

Industrial Flexible Vacuum  Hose, Tools, Adapters & Fittings

Flexible vacuum hose up to 8":  heavy duty, static proof, heat and abrasion resistant, PVC, neoprene, galvanized, stainless steel. Floor tools, hand and overhead tools for crevices, tight spaces, concrete, dusts, bulk material and liquids.

Industrial Vacuum Components Tubing, Bends & Fittings

An extensive catalogue of vacuum tubing and pipe, bends, compression coupling, fittings and installation components.


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New OSHA Hexavalent Chromium Standard

OSHA Compliance Fume CollectorsClick here We have local exhaust systems for compliance with the new OSHA standard for Hexavalent Chromium !




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