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"The compressed air powered Hand-E-Vac is a powerful, lightweight,
handheld vacuum gun that can be quickly converted to a blowgun."

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This low cost, versatile cleaning gun is a "must have" maintenance tool for everything from the largest factories to the small shop. The compressed air powered Hand-E-Vac is a fast and efficient vacuum or blowgun.

The Hand-E-Vac is a powerful, hand-held vacuum gun that's lightweight and easy to use. Its internal air amplifier converts the supplied compressed air into a strong suction that is regulated by an ergonomic trigger. 

There's no more need to move an electric shop vacuum around and worry about shock hazards and motor burnout. Just keep a Hand-E-Vac at each machining area or workstation for safe, fast and convenient cleaning. 

Dust, chips and debris can be ducted directly to a drum, recycling container, or to an optional shoulder bag. 

In seconds, the Hand-E-Vac converts to a blowgun by reversing the nozzle insert. 

Made of durable, impact-resistant nylon, the Hand-E-Vac's internal amplifier has no moving parts to break or wear out. Optional tools and accessories extend the Hand-E-Vac's adaptability to countless applications.

Our Hand-E-Vac DH model is especially designed for quickly and thoroughly clearing deep holes of chips or dust after drilling. It features a separate air tube placed in blind holes that dislodges chips while the gun vacuums the scrap away.

Industrial Cleaning Gun for
Vacuum or Blowoff

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Model #2001
Hand-E-Vac Gun only
Ergonomic trigger lever
1/4" NPT(F)/ dry pick up

Model #2004
Hand-E-Vac Assessory Kit
includes: dust bag and clamp
(2) extension wands
(1) crevice tool
(1) skimmer tool
(1) round brush

Model #2007
Hand-E-Vac DH
Blind Hole Cleaning Gun
Ergonomic trigger lever
clears blind holes:
1/4" to 1-1/4" dia. X 8" dp.
1/4" NPT(F)

Model #2010
Hand-E-Vac Conveying Kit
includes: (1) extension wand
(1) hose (1-1/4" dia.x 10' lg.)
Available for immediate shipment

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