Commercial Industrial Vacuum Cleaners by NIKRO

"NIKRO vacuum cleaners are built tough, so they're ideal for professional use in
industrial and commercial applications.  With over 40 different models to choose from,
NIKRO is sure to have the industrial vacuum cleaner just right for you."

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  NIKRO Industries
Commercial - Industrial Series of Vacuums

A complete line of industrial vacuum cleaners designed with the highest quality materials and workmanship to ensure long life and dependable use in demanding applications.

Internal filtration has been optimized so that even fine powders are captured.

And now all NIKRO canister vacuum systems are available with wet-dry capability right built-in.

  • available poly, painted steel, and stainless steel tanks
  • heavy duty wheel base and frame
  • up to 230 cfm and 110" waterlift

All models are offered with available H.E.P.A filtration (99.97% @ 0.3 microns) See HEPA Vacuums

6 Gallon Wet-Dry Series Specifications
Available in epoxy painted steel or stainless steel with integral push cart. Check out this economy priced industrial vacuum!
15 Gallon Wet-Dry Series Specifications
Available in stainless steel or polyethylene body with integral push cart. Low, low price for a professional class vac.
55 Gallon Wet-Dry Series Specifications
The vacuum to see if you need bulk pickup in a wet-dry configuration.  Comes complete with drum dolly.
55 Gallon Drum TWIN MOTOR Series Specifications
The most power in a 120V drum vac. Get 225 CFM and 110" sealed lift.

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