Portable Electric Lead Paint Removal Vacuums by XtractMAX®

Compact Electric HEPA Vacuums for Powerful Plug-n-Go Safe Lead Paint Removal

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Portable Electric Vacuums for Fine Powders

HEPA Final Filter
99.97% Efficient
Down to 0.3 Microns

Portable Electric
HEPA Vacuums

The XtractMAX® electric series of portable intermittent duty vacuums are small in size but gigantic in performance! The optional HEPA final filter make these vacuums an ideal solution for EPA-compliant lead paint removal. 

The optional pre-separator enables added storage capacity and wet vacuuming.

Convenient foot-lever access makes for hassle-free emptying of the huge 9-gallon dustpan.

High Efficiency FiltersThe compression cast composite construction of XtractMAX® is incredibly durable. It will not dent or rust, is abrasion resistant and chemically neutral.

Powerful, rugged, portable, efficient and low-maintenance, XtractMAX® portable electric HEPA vacuums will handle your toughest lead paint removal projects


Lightweight & Easy to Maneuver


Up to 300 CFM


Operates on a Standard 120V 20-amp Outlet


Composite Housing - Impact & Corrosion Resistant


Extended Duty Cycle


Low Filter Velocity


Individually Fan-Cooled Bypass Motors


Foot-Lever Activated 9-Gallon Dustpan


Lifetime Housing Warranty


3-Year Filter Warranty


1-year Motor Warranty

Whats going on inside that WS22?

  XtractMAX® Electric   HEPA Vacuums PDF

Made in the USA!   

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XtractMax® E Specifications:  






L x W x  H "





7.2 / 98

110 / 220

115 lbs

31 x 19 x 29

13 sq ft

78 dba



7.2 / 98

110 / 220

120 lbs

31 x 19 x 32

13 sq ft

68 dba



5.5 / 75


120 lbs

31 x 19 x 46

28 sq ft

70 dba



6.9 / 95


140 lbs

31 x 19 x 46

28 sq ft

70 dba

Pre-Separator for Liquid Cleanup

  • 20/30/55 Gallon Tanks

  • No Filters Required

  • Captures 90% of dry dust

  • Captures 100% of liquids

Pre-Separator System

The optional Pre-Separator System attaches directly to XtractMAX®, making an integrated unit with  additional material storage.

More storage means less down time and extended filter life.

The Pre-Separator System also allow you to turn your dry vacuum into a liquid vacuum just by adding the liquid level shut-off option.

Optional Vacuum Equalizer kit allows a poly liner to be added to the drum for easy debris removal.

The optional Pre-Separator System connects to XtractMAX® for added storage capacity and wet cleanup.


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