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Offering  ultra-portable backpack vacuums for lead paint removal

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Compressed Air HEPA Vacuums for Lead Paint Removal

Optional HEPA Filter

99.97% efficient @ 0.5 microns!

Utilize your plant air to create a powerful, versatile industrial vacuum.   A custom engineered venturi generates airflow up to an incredible 498 CFM.  

A unique reverse-pulse filter cleaning system means maximum efficiency. The push of a button introduces a jet of 90 psi air, blasting material from the filter, completely renewing it.

Static suction power reaches up to a powerful 180 inches H20.  That’s more then twice as much suction as other popular electric vacuum cleaners.

The optional HEPA filter is the ideal solution for OSHA-compliant lead-paint removal, with 99.97% efficiency to 0.3 microns

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The single venturi model, with internal pulse tank and regulator gauge, features a 1/4-turn ball valve enabling shut off of the vacuum for filter cleaning.  It is suitable for one operator with a 1-1/2" I.D. hose up to 50' in length. 

Our twin venturi model accommodates  a 2” hose up to 50' in length.  Its pulse-cleaned filter assures hassle free operation with fine particulate.

For the ultimate in suction power, the triple venturi model accommodates a  2.5" hose up to 75' in length

Pulse Jet - Compressed Air HEPA Vacuum Specifications:  




90 PSI Air

Supply Hose

XM-100 Single Venturi


180” H20

42 CFM


XM-200 Twin Venturi


180” H2

90 CFM


XM-300 Triple Venturi


180” H20  

126 CFM




Optional HEPA filter for 99.97% efficient to 0.3 microns


15, 30 and 55-gallon Options


Ergonomic lift handles.


Vacuum Equalizer Kit (VEK) for plastic-bag drum liner and easy dust removal


Caster dolly kit for portability


Lightweight Power head Weighs only 112 lbs

Download Compressed Air HEPA Vacuums PDF Specs



Tools for Every Application

We carry the vacuum tool you need for fast cleanup of everything from dust to bulk material. Offering hand tools, overhead tools and floor tools, for walls, crevices, tight spaces and all flooring surfaces, rough or smooth.



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