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Industrial Air Solutions, Inc offers design, installation & service of commercial and industrial air purification equipment, filters and industrial vacuum systems.

Replacement filters for most brand-name dust collectors
  • Cartridge type filters
  • Pulse jet and shakers type filters bags
  • Pleated HEPA filters and panels
  • Mist collector vee-bag filters and impingers
Industrial Air Solutions
  • Mist Collectors
  • Bag Style Dust Collectors
  • Cartridge Dust Collectors
  • Cyclone Dust Collectors
  • Portable Fume Collection Systems
  • Fume Extraction Arms
  • Downdraft Tables
  • Modular Media Collectors
  • Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Commercial Air Cleaners
Industrial & Commercial Vacuum Cleaning Systems
  • Drum Top Air Vacuums
  • Drum Top Electric Vacuums
  • Metal Working Vacuums
  • Powder Paint Air and Electric Vacuums
  • Continuous Duty Vacuums
  • High Vacuum Filter Separators
  • Central Vacuum Systems 10 - 500 Hp
  • Tubing Network & Accessories
  • Assorted Vacuum Tools & Hoses
  • ESD Vacuums
  • Vacuum Loaders
  • Vacuum Sweepers by Elgee and Tomcat
  • Toner, developer lead, mold spores & dust vacuums
  • Copier computer, medical & telecommunications applications
  • Arco Wand Continuous Duty Industrial Portable & Central Vacuums
Nordfab QF
  • Quick Clamp Industrial Ducting
  • Suction Hoods & Manifold
Elephant Vac Commercial Litter Vacuums
  • Elephant Vac EV-4H Riding Litter Vacuums
  • Elephant-Vac EV-2S Skid Mounted Commercial Vacuums
  • Elephant Vac 2-3PT Tractor Mount Industrial Gasoline Vacuum
  • Elephant-Vac 650/850 Pull-Around Indoor Propane Commercial Vacuums

Monlan Group - A Division of Lafourche Mfg.

  • Fluid Recycling and Portable Sump Cleaners
  • Hyde Tramp Oil Separators
  • Mobile Tramp Oil Separation System
  • Hyde Guardian Coolant Recycling Systems
  • Wheel Skimmer
  • Coolant Manager
  • Pressure Washer Recycling Stations
  • Ultrafiltration and Evaporator Systems
  • Paper Bed Filters Vacuum Filters Replacement Media
  • Magnetic Separators and Magnetic Slide Conveyors
  • Manual and Semi-Automatic Centrifuges
  • Dragout and Settling Tanks
  • Hydrocyclone Systems
  • Mon-A-Matic
Tri-Mer Corporation
  • Wet Type Dust Collectors
  • Wet Type Down Draft Tables
  • Acid & Fume Scrubbers
  • Packed Bed Systems/Multi-Stage
  • Polypropylene Collectors/Scrubbers
  • Stainless Steel Collectors/Scrubbers
  • Heavy-Duty Polypropylene Tanks
  • Custom Fabrications & Ducting
MetFlo Industrial Vacuum Components
  • Tubing & Pipe
  • Elbows & Bends
  • Fittings
  • Compression Couplings
  • Installation Components

Biozone Ionic Ultraviolet (UV) Light Air & Water Purifiers

  • Personal & MiniZone Portable Air Purifiers
  • Standard Room & Large Area Air Cleaners
  • In-Duct Purewave ultraviolet (UV) Light Air Filters
  • High Output ionizer Purifiers for Larger Areas
  • Travel Air Purifiers for Hotels, Cars, Buses, Limos and RVs
  • Portable PowerZone Air Purifiers
  • Restroom Photoplasma Air Sanitizers
  • Under-Sink and Above-Counter Photoplasma Water Filters

Perfect Sense

  • Portable VOC Monitors
  • In-Duct VOC Monitors
  • VOC Sensors and Controls
  • Portable & Central Ozone Units
  • Chem./Absorption Media
  • Holding Frames and Cells
  • Bonded Activated Carbon
Commercial Air Cleaners
  • Electronic Commercial Air Cleaners
  • HEPA-type Commercial Air Cleaners
  • Biological Air Cleaners
  • Home Air Cleaners

All Types of Commercial Air Cleaners for Offices, Bars, Restaurants and Functions Halls

Cyclonic Separating
  • Pre-Filtering Systems
TriDim Filter Corporation
  • Negative Air Pressure Contamination Control
  • Portable Contamination Control
  • Above-Ceiling Air Purification Systems
MAX Air Systems
  • MOBILAIR Portable Fume Collectors
  • MOBILAIR Portable Backdraft Welding Fume Collection
  • FLEXAIR Extraction Arms
  • XtractMAX-e Electric Vacuum Cleaner
  • XtractMAX-ce Industrial Venturi Vacuums
  • XtractMAX-LV Laser Fume Collectors
  • XtractMAX Mini canister Fine Powder Industrial & Commercial vacuums
  • XtractMAX-CCD Continuous Duty Portable Canister Vacuums
  • XtractMAX Dustless Hardwood Floor refinishing Vacuums


  • Medical HEPA Air Purification Systems

Custom manufactured solutions are our specialty!
Just let us know and we'll build what you need!


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