Introducing the ELIMINATOR Pre-Filtering System

The ELIMINATOR is a pre-filtering, cyclonic separating system
 used in conjunction with conventional mist collectors. 
The system significantly reduces the amount of oil that reaches filters.  

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The ELIMINATOR Pre-Filtering System by Elliott Environmental

The Elliott Environmental ELIMINATOR works with any type of mist collection system:  centrifugal, media or electrostatic.


The ELIMINATOR is a patent-pending pre-filtering device used in conjunction with conventional mist collectors. It will work with any type of mist collection system: centrifugal, media or electrostatic.

It is a cyclonic separating system. The mist contaminated air is pulled through a cylinder that contains stationary vanes which, in turn, force air to spin in a cyclonic fashion. This turbulent effect forces the heavy airborne particles to the outer wall of the collection chamber. The collected mist is now in liquid form and routed to the drain. This oil or coolant can be recycled directly back into the reservoir.

Longer Filter Life

When installed properly, the ELIMINATOR can be 90% to 95% effective in removing mist from the air. This results in cleaner exhausted air and longer filter life. Extending the filter life of conventional mist collectors was the #1 goal when developing this product.

The ELIMINATOR is all steel welded construction and powder-coated with an epoxy finish. There are no filters to replace and no parts that will wear out. It is completely washable, and built to last. It will work equally as well collecting oil coolants or water coolants.

Machining centers that use high-pressure coolants can generate large amounts of mist. Mist collectors are typically designed to handle only moderate amounts of mist, and their filters tend to become overloaded or saturated. By installing an ELIMINATOR as a pre-filtering stage to eliminate the majority of this mist, it allows for easy removal of the remaining contaminates.

Better Drum Balance, Less Downtime

Centrifugal types of mist collectors are commonly used to remove large amounts of oil mist. They are small and usually very effective on oily mist. The centrifugal types are notorious for balance problems due to the nature of their design. With the help of an ELIMINATOR to remove the majority of the contaminates, drum balance becomes less of a problem.

Media type mist collectors require some downtime to allow the filters to drain. If the machining centers are running 24-hours a day, downtime for mist collectors is difficult. Without time to drain, the filters become saturated and lose their effectiveness. Installing an ELIMINATOR will help solve this problem by reducing the amount of mist that reaches the filters.


    Overall Length: 13" body with two 2" flanges; 17" overall
    Available in 2 sizes: 6" and 8" intake
    Air Volume: 6" - 500-1,000 cfm 8 - 800-1,400 cfm
    Easily adapts to existing mist collectors for increased performance.
    Inquire about larger sizes.

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