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We offer a full line of modular enclosure booths for a wide array of applications, including: softwall cleanroom enclosures with flexible rigid-frame and suspended systems, retractable soft wall enclosures for minimizing plant floorspace usage when dust collection is needed for especially bulky equipment and the ultra compact Backdraft Machine for high-efficiency dust collection in a flexible, space-saving package.

Environmental Control Booth

IAS Environmental Control Booth (EB)
This state-of-the art dust collector enclosure features aiflows up to 18000 CFM and built-in cartridge filters, soundproofing and lighting.
softwall cleanroom enclosures Softwall Cleanroom Enclosures

The ultimate in flexibility for cleanroom construction, with a wide array of configurations, including rigid frame and T-bar ceiling mount. Clear wall systems are ideal for providing an open feel.

retractable enclosure - soft wall

Retractable Soft Wall Enclosures

PMinimize plant floorspace usage when enclosures are needed for very large and bulky equipment with these innovative retracactable booths. No floor hardware required.

backdraft machine booth Backdraft Machine High-Efficiency Enclosure Booth

This compact enclosure booth offers high-efficiency filtration 99.95% down to .5 microns with ultimate flexibility in work space, machine height and more. Push button filter cleaning.

grinding booth enclosures Grinding Booth
Modular softwall enclosures for dust collection in a variety of grinding applications..
modular clean tunnel Clean Tunnel
Enclosures designed specifically for clean environments that require conveyor material handling.
chemical mixing booth Chemical Mixing Booth
Modular soft wall enclosure booths for isolating toxic dusts and fumes from chemical mixing applications..

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