IAS Environmental Control Booth (ECB)

"The IAS Environmental Control Booth (EB) is an ideal out-of-the-box enclosure solution
for finishing bulky odd-shaped items, with built-in dust collection, lighting and optional soundproofing."
Get up to 30,000 CFM airflow with 36 cartridge collectors
and 9,144 square feet of DuraWeb NANO Fiber MERV 15 filter area.


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Turnkey Self Contained Work Station Enclosure

From the industry leader in air filtration and purification The Industrial Air Solutions Environmental Control Booth (ECB) offers a turnkey enclosure solution for finishing large and irregularaly shaped equipment.

Specifically engineered to remove fine airborne dusts, without hampering operators' movement or visibility, this unique enclosure booth is equipped with lighting, soundproofing and built-in cartridge dust collectors.

Environmental Control Booth Features

Best of all, it's "plug-and-play" design requires no ductwork, for minimal installation time. And the ECB recirculates clean air, minimizing the need for costly make-up air, for minimal energy loss and reduced operating costs.

The IAS Environmental Control Booth (ECB) enables you to maximizes worker productivity through a cleaner working environment, with unrestricted mobility.

Fine airborne dusts are removed from multiple sources, not only enhancing worker productivity, but also reducing mechanical and electrical failures caused by airborne contaminants.


Innovative booth design gives workers improved visibility and complete freedom of movement


Modular, compact engineering allows appropriate sizing for specific application


Choice of filter cartridges offers high filtration efficiency for a wide array of dust types.


Dura Web filter cartridge features MERV 15 nanofiber technology for high filtration efficiency and longer filter life.

Offering six model options for airflows from 3,000 to 30,000 CFM and up to 36 cartridge collectors with a massive 9,144 square feet of filter area.

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Download IAS Environmental Control Booth (ECB) PDF


  • Acoustical Booth

  • Galvanized Booth

  • Retractable Booths

  • Lighting


  • Control Panels

  • HEPA or Carbon After filters

  • Variety of different filter media options

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