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Commercial / Industrial Vacuums

canister vacuums

Hopper Vac Venturi Compressed Air vacuums

XtractMAX Hopper Vac Specifications

electric Commercial canister Vacuums

XtractMAX E Specifications

XtractMAX E WNS Operators Manual
XtractMAX E WS Operators Manual

nikro Industrial/Commercial vacuums

6 gallon

15 gallon

55 gallon

55 gallon twin

XtractMAX Mini Commercial Portables

XractMAX Continuous Duty Specs

liquid vacuum

fine powder

XtractMAX Specifications

Explosion Proof Vacuums

Compressed Air Explosion Proof Vacuums
Electric Combustible Dust Vacuums
Central Explosion Proof Vacuum Systems

Immersion Wet Pickup Hazardous Dust Vacuums

Explosion Proof Vacuum Hose & Tools

HEPA vacuums

6 gallon dry
6 gallon wet-dry

15 gallon

15 gallon wet-dry

55 gallon

55 gallon twin

55 gallon triple

venturi vacuums

Fine Powder

XtractMAX Specifications

Hopper vac Compressed Air Vacuums

XtractMAX Hopper Vac Specifications



15 gallon

55 gallon

industrial portables

portable electric

Arco Wand Continuous Duty

Arco Wand 1000 Compact Continuous Duty

PB series Industrial Vacuums

Hopper vac 55-Gallon Drum

XtractMAX Hopper Vac Specifications

compact series

regen series

PD series

full-size series

centrifugal series

continuous duty

XtractMAX CCD Continuous Duty Portable

XtractMAX CCD Specs PDF

ESD vacuums

omega series

Omega Vac Brochure

Omega Vac Supreme Brochure

Omega Vac Supreme Electronic Brochure

Omega Supreme Electric HEPA Brochure

express series

Express Series Brochure

hCTV series

HCTV Brochure

sump vacuums

sump vac


gas vacuums

central vacuums

Arco Wand Stationary Continuous Duty

PB Series Central Vacuums

vacuum loaders


Powerlift Brochure

"5LL" Series Brochure

"6ML" Series Brochure

PL15 Dimensional Drawing

PL15p Dimensional Drawing

PL20 Dimensional Drawing

PL20p Dimensional Drawing

PL25 Dimensional Drawing

PL25p Dimensional Drawing

PL200 Dimensional Drawing

PL200p Dimensional Drawing

PL250 Dimensional Drawing

PL250p Dimensional Drawing

PL300 Dimensional Drawing

PL300p Dimensional Drawing

Sutorbilt Technical Data Brochure

"5LL" Performance Curve

"6ML" Performance Curve

P84 Polyamide Filter Technical Bulletin 

powerlift max

Powerlift Max Brochure

vector spartan

Vector Spartan Specifications

hurricane 300es

Hurricane 300es Brochure

hurricane 500e

Hurricane 500e Brochure

hurricane 500em

Hurricane 500em Brochure

hurricane 555

Hurricane 555 Brochure

hurricane 600e

Hurricane 600e Brochure

hurricane 655

Hurricane 655 Brochure

hurricane 755

Hurricane 755 Brochure

hurricane 828

Hurricane 828 Brochure



vacuum sweepers / Litter Vacuums / leaf Vacuums

power-sweep Commercial Vacuum Sweepers

power-Sweep gas Demo

power-Sweep battery Demo

power-Sweep battery Tennis Demo


Tomcat Vacuum Sweepers battery Powered

3300 Tomcat Walk-Behind Commercial vacuums

Tomcat 3300 PDF Specifications

297 Tomcat Compact Riding Vacuum Sweeper

Tomcat 297 PDF Specifications

4700 Tomcat Mid-Sized Riding Vacuumweep batTomcat 4700 PDF Specifications

Tomcat Battery-Powered Sweeper Specs PDFw


Elephant-Vac Commercial Litter vacuums

Elephant Vac Riding Litter Vacuums

Elephant Vac Riding Vacuum Specs

Elephant-Vac Skid-Mounted Litter vacuums

Elephant Vac Skid-Mounted Specs

Elephant Vac Tractor Mount Vacuums

Elephant Vac Tractor Mount Specs

Elephant Vac pull-Around indoor Propane

Elephant Vac pull-around LP Specs

Elephant-Vac Litter vacuums Demo



power-vac gas Industrial vacuums

power-vac gas Demo

power-vac gas Leaf vacuum Demo

power-vac gasoline Demo

power-Vac propane Commercial vacuums

power-vac Propane Demo

power-vac LP Indoor vacuum Demo

power-Vac electric vacuum Sweepers

power-vac Electric Demo

power-Vac battery Indoor Vacuums

power-Vac parts

hepa wet/dry

voyager turbo


Industrial & Commercial Automatic Floor Scrubbers

Commercial Automatic Scrubber - 2017/2023

Tomcat Floor Scrubber 2017/2023 PDF Brochure

Automatic Scrubbers 2017/2023 Specs PDF

Battery Floor Scrubber - 2000 Series

Tomcat Walk Behind Scrubber - 2000 Series PDF

Tomcat Floor Scrubbers - 2000 Series Specs PDF

Industrial Floor Scrubber - 3000 Series

Tomcat Walk Behind Scrubber - 3000 Series PDF

Tomcat Floor Scrubbers - 3000 Series Specs PDF

Automatic Floor Scrubbers - Magnum

Tomcat Walk Behind Scrubber - Magnum Series PDF

Tomcat Floor Scrubbers - Magnum Specs PDF

Commercial Rider Floor Scrubbers

Tomcat Compact Rider Scrubber 250 PDF

Micro Rider Floor Scrubbers 250 Specs PDF

Industrial Rider Floor Scrubbers

Tomcat Industrial Rider Scrubber 290/350 PDF

Tomcat Sweeper Scrubbers 290/350 Specs PDF



Hopper Vac Receiver Specs

Dustless Hardwood Floor refinishing

Backpack Vacuums for Portable Cleanup

XtractMAX Mini canister Vacuums

XtractMAX Compact Electric sanding vacuum

XtractMAX High Capacity Floor Finishing Vacuum

High Flow 320 wood Floor Finishing Vacuums

XtractMAX HF-320 Specifications

High Flow 640 hardwood refinishing Vacuums

2026G Floor refinishing Gas Vacuums

Vacuum Hose Reels

Air Mover / Dryer Fans for Floor refinishing


vacuum hose and tools



floor tools

hand tools





vacuum tubing & fittings

MetFlo Catalogue

Commercial and industrial vacuums from XtractMAX, Nikro, Tomcat Elephant-Vac, DuroVac and more, including industrial portable vacuums, vacuum loaders, leaf & Litter vacuums, Automatic Floor Scrubbers, dustless hardood floor refinishing and MANY MORE!

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