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Isoaltion Room Air Purification

Negative Air Pressure Equipment

V-400 negative Pressure Specifications

V-500 negative Pressure System Specs

V-2000 Specifications 

portable Isolation Room/Clean Room Purifiers

V-2m3 Isoaltion Rooms Specifications

C-2000 clean Room Specifications

Air Defender 1500 Medical-Grade Specifications

Air Wash 2000 Hospital 2-Speed Specs

Air Wash 2000 Variable-Speed Specs

HEPA Filter Safety enclosures


XtractMAX HEPA Vacuums - Hospital/Medical

XtractMAX-e HEPA Specifications


Articles / Links / Info

CDC - Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Health Care Facilities (Centers for Disease Control)

NIOSH - Guidelines for Preventing the Transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Health Care Facilities (National Institute of Occupational Health & Safety)

NIOSH - Efficacy of Ultraviolet irradiation in controlling the spread of Tuberculosis

ASHRAE - Dimensional Analysis of UVGI Air Disinfection Systems

WHO - Environmental Management Practices (World Health Organization)

AIA - Ventilation Requirements for Areas Affecting Patient Care in Hospitals & Outpatient Facilities (American Institute of Architects)

APIC - State-of-the-Art Report: The role of infection control during construction in health care facilities (Association of Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology)

ICT - Research Indicates UVGI is an Effective Supplement to Ventilation for Eliminating TB Bacteria (Infection Control Today)

HPAC - Health Risks Related to Construction: Minimizing the threat of infection from construction-induced air pollution in health care facilities (Heating / Piping / Air Conditioning Engineers)

HPAC - Airborne Infectious Disease:
Best Practices for Ventilation Management

HPAC - Hospital Accreditation for Airborne Infection Control

HPAC - Health Care IAQ: Guidance for Infection Control

HPAC - Airborne Respiratory Diseases and Mechanical Systems for the Control of Microbes

HPAC - UVGI Design Basics for Air and Surface Disinfection

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