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The following describes the Cloud Chamber Scrubber as manufactured by Tri-Mer.

The CCS shall have a nominal efficiency of 99.9% on particulate sizes from 0.1 through 10.  For particles 10 - 300+ microns, the efficiency shall be at least 99.99%.

The CCS shall operate operate at a differential pressure of between 0.8" and 1.5" water gauge per CCS stage.

Maximum electrical field power requirements shall be equivalent to 600W .

Allowable Liquid-to-Gas Ratio shall be between 8 GPM to 20 GPM per 1,000 CFM.  Actual operating conditions are application dependent and shall be specified by Tri-Mer Corporation.

Configuration:  Vertical Design – cross section size and elevation determined by application. Number of CGC (Cloud Generation Chamber) stages shall be determined by application.

Materials of construction:  polypropylene, FRP, PVC, 304 and 316 stainless steel and Hastelloy.

Preconditioning Chamber:  Shall be used for humidification purposes and to be specified by Tri-Mer Corporation based on application.

Water Re-circulation Pumps:  Re-circulation pump size to deliver the specified flow rate as recommended by Tri-Mer Corporation based on input loads. Pressure delivery requirements shall vary between 40 and 60 PSI.

Re-circulation flow piping:  Shall contain appropriate strainers and/or liquid filter mechanism to keep the re-circulation flow liquor clean. This equipment to be provided as part of the CCS package.

Controls Package:  Shall contain process logic control operation interfaced as part of the Tri-Mer system will monitor the following components.

  1. Re-circulation Flow GPM
  2. Re-circulation Flow PSI
  3. delta P across CCS
  4. delta P across Mist Eliminators
  5. pH, if required
  6. Conductivity, if required
  7. ORP, if required
  8. Power Factors for the PCM #1
  9. Power Factors for the PCM #2
  10. Overflow Rate
  11. Caustic Feed Times (if required)
  12. Acid Feed Times (if required)
  13. ACFM Exhaust Rate (if required)
  14. Dump Cycles from the Sludge Collection Tank (if applicable)
  15. Inlet Temperature (if required)

Cloud Chamber Scrubber unit shall feature a phone line modem hook-up to allow Tri-Mer to monitor operation.

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