Ultra-High Efficiency Chrome Scrubber CE-1

Emissions exceed all OSHA standards & regulatory requirements to keep your people healthy.

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chrome scrubber systemIntroduction 

CE-1 Chrome Scrubber scrubs all types of hex equivalent chrome, including Cr6 and Cr3, at efficiencies above 99.5%, regardless of input loading. 

The system is all–mechanical and does not consume chemicals or generate waste. It can be scaled to facilities of all sizes.

C/E-1 features a multi-layer polypropylene pad system which operates under negative pressure. The filter apparatus is washed continuously in a nearly closed loop configuration. When chrome levels approach set point (generally 3000 ppm) water is forwarded to chrome recovery, or returned to the plating bath.

System Design

C/E-1 is a low energy system generating less than 6" of internal static pressure, therefore energy consumption is extraordinarily low. Total water use is also low: average consumption is 15 gallons per hour for a 20,000 cfm unit. C/E-1 has no internal moving parts to wear or replace. Chrome can be recovered from both the gas stream and the filter.


C/E-1 is simple to install and operate and is available in single units to capacities to 41,500 cfm. Installation can be accomplished by Tri-Mer or by plant personnel. Tri-Mer provides a standard skid-mounted package which includes duct connections, controls interfacing, fan, recirculation tank, pump and piping.

Long Service LIfe

The standard C/E-1 is constructed of Type 1 PVC, the material recommended for high chrome concentrations. Systems are also available in FRP overlay. The estimated minimum service life of the filter is five years under continuous use. The system is projected to provide ten years of continuous service before primary maintenance is required.

Standard Model Range


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