The Incredible NEW Cloud Chamber Scrubber

Now handle submicron particulate and hazardous fumes simultaneously

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cloud chamber scrubber for submicron particulate controlNEW scrubber technology incorporates charged water droplets to collect 99.99% of particulates to 0.1  using just 600 watts.

In a Cloud Chamber Scrubber, billions of droplets and particles move continuously in relation to each other. 

As they approach 10 microns of separation, electrical attraction causes the particulate to enter the droplets. 

This means that collector water droplets are delivered to the particulate in a way that has never been accomplished before. This fact is critical in understanding the function of the CCS. Click here to see an animation.

CCS offers several advantages over conventional devices used for submicron control. Chief among them is the requirement of less than 1" of pressure drop per CCS stage under full load operation. 

By contrast, venturi systems typically require 40" to 70" of pressure drop; diffusion candles typically require 16" to 20" of pressure drop. This factor is a major contributor to the CCS system’s low operating costs. Wet or dry, ESP equipment power requirements are over 100 times greater. 

Another distinguishing feature of the CCS is its ability to remove fumes and gases, including HCl, HF, HNO3, H2SO4, SO2, Cl2 and NH3, and others simultaneously with particulate. This is important because now one device can handle submicron particulate and hazardous fumes simultaneously.  In practical terms, this gives management the ability to eliminate the maintenance costs and labor associated with packed towers.

The CCS has been shown to be 99.99%+ efficient for the collection of all types of particulate from 0.1 to 300+ microns. Systems are manufactured to customers’ specifications in UV-stabilized polypropylene, FRP, PVC, 304 and 316 stainless steel, and higher alloy materials such as Hastelloy

(NOTE:  Check out Whirl / Wet if you are seeking systems designed for larger particulate.)

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