Gas Wet Scrubbers by the Tri-Mer Corporation

Turn-key installations of gas scrubbers for NOx, fumes, odor and chrome 
from Tri-Mer, the industry's best name in wet scrubbers.

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Air Pollution Control Equipment including:

- submicron particulate scrubbers
- NOx scrubbers
- acid and fume scrubbers
- gas scrubbers
- chrome scrubbers
- incinerator scrubbers
- tanks and packing media.

CCS - Cloud Chamber Scrubber

Exceptional efficiency on smoke and fume down to 0.1 micron, CCS offers an effective alternative with lowest operating costs.

Tri - NOx Multi Chem Scrubber

A proven answer for chemical nitration, combustion sources, metal finishing operations and virtually all generators of NO and NO2

Fan / Separator

Extremely effective against corrosive contaminants, with total energy use about 20% less than other vacuum wet scrubbers.

Q - Scrub

Scrub corrosive flue gases, HCl, Cl2 , SO2, HF and more from incinerators, calcinators, kilns, and ovens at up to 2200F.

Horizontal Crossflow Scrubber

Intense contact between the contaminant and scrubbing liquid captures virtually all inorganic compounds like HCl, HNO3, HF, H2SO4, Cl2, H2S, NH3, and others

Vertical Packed Tower

Wet scrubber for fumes and gases, including chlorine, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride and others

Tri-Pac Tower Media

Random dump tower packing media with optimum surface-to-open-area ratio for achieving best mass transfer efficiency and lowest operating costs.

CE-1 Chrome Scrubber

Control hexavalent chrome with a proprietary scrubber technology that does not consume chemicals or generate waste.

OM-1 Oil Mist Scrubber

Collect mists and fogs at the source and direct them to a three-stage filter for disposal or recovery. Compatible with mineral oils, soluble oils and synthetics, and will accommodate multiple mist sources.


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