Three Stage Oil Mist Collector

Lower the risk of fire by capturing machining oil mist.

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OM-1 oil mist collectorIntroduction

Tri-Mer's O/M 1 collects mists and fogs at the source and directs them to a three-stage filter for disposal or recovery.

Stage 1
uses a proprietary 13-layer mesh filter media, and substantially reduces mist loading to the final stage. Operation is at 4" to 5-1/2" of pressure across the unit; removal performance is 99%+ at 3 microns.

Stage 2 is the coalescing stage, where smaller droplets are “grown”. 16-layer filter media achieves 99%+ efficiency at 3 microns.

Stage 1 uses 6 unique filter layers for final mist elimination.

The O/M 1 was engineered for high-efficiency oil mist elimination. It is compatible with mineral oils, soluble oils and synthetics, and will accommodate multiple mist sources.

Other Features:

  • a low pressure design that minimizes energy consumption.

  • unique, long-lasting filter cartridges which are easily removed, cleaned and restored to service.

  • gauges at the first and second stages to monitor static pressures across the filter pads. Automatic wash-down cycle can then activated: wash-down can also be initiated manually.

  • out-performs centrifugal collectors, indexing fabric filters, electrostatic precipitators.

  • all-steel construction; with blower and ducting available.

  • easy to install. Skid-mounted package includes duct connections, controls interfacing, fan, re-circulation, pump, piping.

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