The "Q-Scrub" Flue Gas Wet Scrubber

Effective integral quench eliminates common inorganic flue gases.


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4000 acfm Q-Scrub from Tri-Mer Corporation with integral quench eliminates flue gas. (incinerator application)Introduction 

First engineered for use with incinerators and thermal oxidizers, the Q-Scrub Scrubber is also appropriate for direct and indirect fired kilns, ovens,  calcinators and virtually any combustion process that produces corrosive by-products. 

Tri-Mer’s Q-Scrub interfaces directly with hot combustion sources up to 2200F. Custom-engineered for gas inputs between 500 cf`m to more than 100,000 cfm, Q-Scrub is a reliable solution for scrubbing inorganic flue gases, HCl, Cl2 , SO2, HF and many other compounds.


  • Standard system 500-100,000 cfm. Other capacities also available.

  • Standard performance efficiency is 95-99.99%, depending on user requirements. Systems can be engineered to guarantee any outlet rating.

  • Most stack gas emissions requirements are based on a mass emissions standard of lbs./hr. in vs. lbs./hr. out for contaminant such as HCl, Cl2 , SO2, HF etc.

Standard Q-Scrub System – specified for evaporative water cooling of the gas stream. Materials of construction for the quench section include Hastelloy™ C276 and 316L to 304 stainless steel. High-temperature FRP is recommended for applications below 300F. The scrubber section is manufactured in polypropylene, fiberglass or high alloy steel.

For applications involving the removal of submicron particulates, click on (CCS) option which can incorporate the Q-Scrub package designed for total control of gas and particulate down to the submicron range.

Standard Features

  1. High efficiency packed bed scrubber, using patented Tri-Pacs media. A Tri-Pacs’ spherical design provides maximum surface contact between the gas and the scrubbing liquid by creating a continuous formation of droplets throughout the bed. Tri-Packs eliminate clogging because they have no flat surfaces or crevices to harbor particulate. They have no corners or valleys and they minimize wasteful liquid flow down the wall surface. Tri-Packs develop very low static pressure per foot of depth.

  2. Mist eliminator section – 99%+ efficient units available.

  3. Integral recirculation system and corrosion-resistant pump.

  4. Piping package for quench and scrubber sections.

  5. Vertical or horizontal wet quench section or quench venturi section.

  6. Instrumentation package, including pH control and flow sensors. Q-Scrub systems are provided with process control packages for fully automated operation.

  7. Motor control starter package.

Systems are custom-engineered to accommodate user gas volume and contaminant input/output loading.


  • PLC interface

  • RTD temperature control

  • ORP control

  • Exhaust blower

Capital and Operations Costs: Q-Scrub requires the lowest capital investment of any wet combination quench/scrubber system. Operating costs are minimized through low pressure drop and the efficient use of chemicals.


Q-Scrub is engineered for interface with Tri-Mer’s Tri-NOx Multi-Chemsystem where NOx must also be destroyed. Multi-Chem is the practical, efficient solution to NOx emissions from all sources, at all loadings. Systems are generally three to six stages.

Tri-Mer Corporation is a worldwide designer/manufacturer of advanced air emissions systems to control NOx, SO2, fumes and odors, particulates, and VOCs. For nearly 40 years, we’ve provided industry, and select governmental entities, with cost-effective solutions to complex problems. We welcome the opportunity to recommend an air management solution for your application.


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